Lower GMR flathead bite?

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Rooster, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. Anyone fish the lower GMR for flatheads recently? I’m thinking about giving them a try this weekend. Just curious how the action has been recently. Thanks!
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    If it's anything like the flathead bite is on The scioto, your best bet would be to wait a little while:(

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    is the water still down too much?
  4. i was in the river up there by tipp city 2days ago and to be honest i dont know if it was up or down but it was deep
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    We are looking at a good chance of rain the rest of the week, which mean water levels and fishng for the the weekend should be good. What part of the river are you fishing exactly?
  6. I plan to fish between Hamilton and Miamitown. I will give it a try on wednesday night for a few hours, and then fish overnight Saturday.
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    If I were you, I would fish the scour holes on the old dam in Hamilton. If not there than any where on the river south of the last dam. If the combination of cover and current is present than that is where I’d be fishing, in spots like these I have been doing well almost every trip. I can't say have been catching trophies every time, but always catching flatheads. One last thing, if you get a chance try fresh cut Shad. By fresh, I mean you cut the fish up while it’s alive and throw it out right after. When fishing is hard, I found this to work in some situations better than live bait, and this year on the GMR I have caught my biggest fish and the most on it. I know it goes against what most people think, but trust me it can be very effective. Good Luck!
  8. No flatheads down this way right now. The gar keep getting the bait before any catfish do.
  9. I'm guessing everyone else is fishing the wrong holes, using the wrong bait, sun's in their eyes, or whatever.

    All of June and July I've been killing 'em. Reeling in mostly 8 pounders and under but I've got one each of about 15 lbs, 20 lbs, and 30 lbs or so. I'm 6'5 with shoes on and the biggest one was as long as my leg (about 38 in.)

    Tips: use anything that swims or cutbait, find the deepest hole you can right below some rip-rap, and get out by 6pm cause that's when they start biting...they're done by around 10pm.

    PS - Seems like I'm down further than most around the Miamitown area.