Lower GMR Cats

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  1. Does anyone have any suggestions for different baits to try? I'd like to get some suckers or some chubs or shiners and try those.

    Here's a pic from the night too (just over that ledge is a straight drop to about 10 feet. The water cuts up under the bank a bit there too.

  2. the gmr has an incredible number of suckers and redhorse, just castnet the riffles, and make sure not to use anything for bait you dont recognize you never know what random threatend sucker could come up from the ohio. is it just me or do the big fish seem to like biting on the lightest rod being used most of the time:)

  3. What do ya mean here?

    And that ALWAYS happens. I splurged on that surf rod last year while in Florida and haven't gotten around to getting another. Wal-Mart has a few nice looking cat rods for pretty cheap so I think I'm gonna pick one up tomorrow and go back out this weekend. Looks like I'll have to get a casting net too. Any recommendations on size?
  4. anything live, and i mean ANYTHING! suckers, small carp, gills, bass,...i have caught fish in that river on everything except small Gar. the river is full of Drum down that way, as well as wipers and white bass.....three of my favorite lower GMR baits!
  5. Ive been fishing the great miami for 20 years and the only 2 baits that produced anything bigger than 20 pounds is live shad 8" or better or palm sized bluegills
  6. I'm from the dayton area and have done a lot of fishing on the lower stretches of the GMR. I spent most of my weekends down there the passed two summers. I did a lot of fishing around the Cleves area and found some nice spots for some Flatheads. I mostly used 4-6 inch bluegills, chubs, crappie, shiners, and channel cats and had a lot of success. The only bad thing is that I dont know the area that well, and many of the spots I've found have been by luck. does anyone have any areas where I can go or possible places where the GMR is more accessible?

    Also, just wondering how the water level is down there. I know it has been dry as a bone here.
  7. Went back out tonight. River was pretty muddy and current was really moving, but was a welcomed sight after not having rain for a while.

    Anyways, reeled in 2 channels (about 4-5 lbs each), a flathead (around 10-15 lbs), and a carp (about 5 lbs). I had another break my line and took about $4 in sinkers that were holding things down. This time though, I was using 20 lb test so ya can't blame me on that one. I'd like to think it was some 50 lb monster but who knows? Left the camera at home this time but heading back out tomorrow night so hopefully I'll get my sinkers back and have the pics to prove it! :D

    Oh yeah...was using big goldfish as well as some crawlers.
  8. And went out again tonight (Sunday) - best fishing yet this year.

    Got down around 7pm and stayed till 10pm. Between my brother and I, we pulled out 6 flatheads, a drum, and a softshell turtle. We used the drum for cutbait as well as goldfish again.

    3 of the cats were 3-4 lbs, 2 were around 8-10lbs, and my personal best was 24.5 lbs (scale). I got pictures on my camera and am trying to figure out how to get 'em on my computer (any help?).
  9. [​IMG]


    Caught on cutbait (drum). Also using goldfish and caught about 8 total -the one in the first pic is about 20 lbs, and the other about 15 lbs, and the rest were 5 lbs or less.

    I did have one pull a hook right off of a stainless steel 50 lb leader. Just straightened out the loop and pulled it right off.