Lower GMR - anyone else washed out?

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by NKUSigEp, Jun 1, 2008.

  1. Finally got time to get out with my cousin and visit our spot on the GMR only to find that our hole was washed out. It went from about 15-18 feet of slow-moving backwash to about 5 feet of really swift-moving current. The river used to undercut the bank and create a hole that was great for dropping a line right off the edge and reeling in some baitfish but now that's all fallen in and the river is about 15 +/- feet wider.

    Last season we pulled in 5-10 lb. flatheads on a regular basis with my largest at around 25...the other night all we caught was a white bass and a small channel not even a foot long. The feeder creek on the other hand was teeming with giant carp that were spawning - the largest was as long as my leg (about 30"-40"...I'm 6'4). I tossed some nightcrawlers right in the middle of 'em but no bites. It was neat cause they were literally only 1" or 2" off the bank.
  2. I have ran into the same problem on my favorite hole. Fortunately a really deep pool opened up behind the old one that filled with sediment.

    The wing dam used to constuct the new bridge in Hamilton restricted the current to one side of the river. The result was sediment deposits in different places while the redirected current washed out the old ones. The wing dam is up and the river is starting to return to the way it was. In the next year or so it should be back to normal.