Lowell Dam

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  1. Hey everyone, I was hoping to get a little information about Lowell Dam. I was curious if there are walls to fish from there, what it's normally a good producer for, and what roads can actually get you to the dam.

  2. There is a long wall on the west side and a short wall on the east side that people fish from. There is also easy casting to the dam from shore on the east side. I mostly fish for wipers, white bass and saugeye at this dam. Others fish for flatheads and channel cats here.

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    Getting to the east side can be a little confusing at first. It's actually an island, created by the channel for the lock. There's something of an off-ramp coming off close to the middle of the bridge. If you reach either Lowell or some corn fields, whichever direction you're coming from, you've gone too far.
    As for fishing, I've had great success with shallow running Rapala minnows on the eastern side. I've caught mainly hybrids, white bass, and saugers with it, along with the occasional largemouth (albeit rather small), and even a perch, a nice smallie, and my best walleye ever (21 inches). If the water's low enough, there are rocks you can wade out on a good thirty feet that's right below the dam. A pair of boots will get you out there. But right now, there's really no chance of that, with the current water level.