LOW WATER at Griggs Dam

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  1. Warning!! Anyone thats planning of fishing Griggs Dam. The water is really low right now. When you back down the ramp you have to watch or you will back off the end of the ramp. Then when you try to back away from the dock with your boat you will hit bottom. You have to use your trolling motor to get away from the dock.

  2. Did they release some water or something? I was there tonight chumming and it is way lower than it was just a couple weeks ago. I know we've had hardly any rain, just seems like a big drop for such a short period of time.

  3. I was at Griggs for a few hours friday afternoon. Had a dandy of a time unloading and loading with the heavy wind. Most people I talked to didn't stick around much and didn't hear too many good fishing reports. So I headed north about 1/4 mile past Hayden run. Water was averaging 7-10 feet, but was more calm. I sat in the same spot for about 2 hours and fished worm off the bottom and used a $1 yellow jig twister tail (take that, you VIBEE buyers!) and nailed the crappie !% . About every 5th cast, I pulled something in. Kept about half. Also caught about 10 channel cats and a yellow-belly. Had originally planned on going to Hoover, but didn't want to fight the wind. Glad I didn't!
  4. Bottombouncer. They released water for the city. I heard that they are filling up O'Shaughnessy so maybe they will release some water from there soon. We will be up there today. I'll give a report later.

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    Just did a drive by...Man-alive, lowest i've seen the Res. in a decade. Some of the docks are already partially beached, water level is down a good 4ft from normal I would say.

    The reason it is so low is due in part to the fact that Oshay has been going a trickle over the past few weeks (I guess to fill up the Res?) Normal summer flow for O'shay is 50fps and rarely will you see the FPS drop below that mark for an extended period of time. It's currently @ 36fps and has been there for the last couple weeks.
  6. just got back from griggs.... yea the waters been low since last week and the docks (where i usually fish) were beached.

    i checked the lower part of the dam and that was dried up as well. i got some old sneakers and walked around the lower part of the dam and there were about 300-400 dead carp, bass, shad, and baby crappie all over. the blue herons and other birds were having a buffet down there.

    i saw a lot of boats struggling both loading and unloading. i did manage to catch another 20lbs+ channel cat last week. the fall crappie were hittin pretty good too.

    well that's my little report.