low head dam

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by ying6, Mar 30, 2008.

  1. On my way home yesterday I decided to hit a low head dam and was excited to catch a couple. I did catch one the ugliest saugeye I have ever seen. Could have had 3 eyes.
    I did the same thing I have been doing at the other dams, but used the roller of the dam as my drift and found the pocket where the fish were sitting.
    Caught both fish on the top jig (orange 1/16)
    Went smaller with the jig as well, because of the bottom structure.
    Couple things to think about. When the water is flowing (dam full open), the fish are holding in the pockets, when the water is shut off, they tend to move up to find that same situation. If it is totally shutoff look for the deep pools. - At least that is what a few of us do.
    Good luck this week, fishing should increase as the water temp will rise. Don't worry about that rain!!
  2. Way to go Mike glad to hear you got out. I have been stuck all weekend. Roller dams can work well. Hope you get out thru spring break.