Love at first bite...and second!

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  1. We were only fishing for about an hour when Dave (my wrestling coach) had his first follow but missed. Minutes later he hauled in a 35 incher, I did the honors of netting him and boy did that get my blood pumping. I was ready to get me one! 35 inches was no big deal to them but to me it would be a dream.

    Fished hard and around 11 o'clock I was reeling in a bucktail and had a follow by a huge fish, but it turned away from my figure 8. Switched to a black Marv's spinner bait with orange blades. At 11:48 I was burning it in from deep to shallow and a fish just smashed it 5 feet from the boat and just beneath the surface, and I saw the whole thing. I watched it come out of a dark hole in the weeds that I had just said were so nice. Minutes later Musk netted my very first muskie that was around 35 inches. It was an awesome fish, a male that was really beat up from spawning.

    I was being made fun of all day for being the weed master, dragging in weeds pretty often; but they told me to jerk and reel no matter what. At 12:06 I had what I thought was another clump of weeds but I did what they told me to do and jerked, the weeds began to jerk back and I had my second muskie on. After a good fight we netted one that was a few inches smaller than the first but was nice and healthy and had great color.

    Tried a few other lures the rest of the day and put on a Perch imitation side to side jerk bait. I was getting tired and was in the middle of sitting down as I pulled my lure out of the water a muskie literally jumped out of the water after my lure. Never again will I cast without doing a figure 8 or something, I will always assume there is a fish following.

    Well I hope you guys enjoyed the post and I now know why you all are so nuts! I'm only 17 years old so I know where all of my money will be going when I get it, and I will learn from Musk and Dave and get an old lady that doesn't mind me fishing non-stop. Or maybe I won't get one at all! If you guys want any more details about the day or the lake I'm sure Musk will get on here and elaborate. Pics coming soon! I'm HOOKED!!!

    Tight lines to all!
  2. lucky1-
    great story! well done, congrats!
    I'm at 34 hrs straight without a sighting so... savor the moment man!

  3. Thanks!! I know times will be tougher most of the time, so yesterday didn't spoil me too much. It would have been a great day for anyone, even better for my first.
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    Awesome Lucky1. Congratulations! Good luck finding a gal that will let you fish all the time. I thought I scored, but now I don't get out much. lol

  5. Great Job and great story ..thank you8 for sharing.... this work thing is really gettiing in the way..

    Enjoy your youth youngman! fish hard and often...

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    that is great lucky1! congrats on great day. i wish i started as young as you did...muskieman, keep pluggin away i think when you hook up, its gonna be a pig...
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    My main objective was that lucky 1 get his first musky and it was much more exciting watching him get his first two than me catching any thing, good thing because I went for the :S LOL. But Dave and I teamed up to guide him to a musk and what a thrill it was I can't wait to guide the next to their 1st. This was special to me because his Dad and I played on many teams together and decided to go out for the wrestling team together. I predicted that lucky one would be a great wrestler when he was born and he was the greatest in our home town's history. I wanted to do something special to reward him for all his years of hard work and dedication. I had the honor to watch him since he was my son's age, Musk Jr and I talk about following in his foot steps. And watch out cause he'll be just as good as a musky fisherman. Congrats on "everything" you have acheived, catching a musky is easy compared to what you have acomplished and still will!
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    Trust me dave and I told him all about the finding a girl like that. Were a bad influence he will never want to get married. I made it very clear that I had to have a women that either would let me go or go with me and I still ended up like alot of my buds once my little one came along. But I still have hope.:)
  9. Good job lucky1!
    As far as baits, etc. buy now! As anything in life it's only going to go up in price, so you may as well start buying gear now.
    Great story, and good job getting him into some fish musk.
  10. Congrats guys. Musk I know the feeling. I got my friend his first last year and he immediately went out buying lures. lol What lake were you guys at?
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  12. Here are my little guys!!!

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  13. Adam, congratulations on ur first muskies man. Heres my musky story. Fishin 3 years ago at West B, caught a musky not trying to on half a worm. The other half i lost on the cast. Now i have a boat and the whole musky set up from trolling to casting. I see your wrestling coaches know the musky as well as they know wrestling so i know you got many more comin. Congrats on a great h.s. career and best of luck at Virginia next year(i believe correct me if im wrong). One of the tuffest kids I've ever seen in our sport. I was fortunate enough to see u compete all the time since we wrestle all the same events it seems like.
    Seth Porter
    Firestone Wrestling Asst. Coach
  14. Thanks Coach Porter! I think I'm hooked like you now. Thanks for the good wishes also, good luck to with coaching your team; you guys do a great job with the Dies Tournament.
  15. Lol, take my advice and try to forget this ever happened. Run away while you still can! The satisfaction lasts only a day or two but the addiction to this lasts forever!:D

    Congratulations and I hope you catch many more.