Lots of taps 2 fish in the boat

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  1. September 4th: WE got our lines in the river at 07:45 today. the water was clear with no current. We both got hard taps within a few minutes, but did not get a pull. 08:30 found us by the Big Mac bridge. Joe boated the 1st fish at 08:43, this was a baby channel cat. The fish weighed about .5 of a pound. Joe uses only red hot smokies as bait. Then at 09:00 Joe hooked a 1.5 pound channel cat. I was getting bites but never a solid run, on shrimp & cut skipjack. We decided to try the deeper spots so headed down river. 10: 00 found us under the Covington railroad bridge. The wind stated to blow up river. We fished 30 minutes there, no bites at all. We went down to the I-75 Bridge into 45 feet of water, no bites there either.

    Went back up to our 1st spot at 11:05. Joe kept on getting taps that cleaned off the bait. By now the wind was really rocking the boat.
    Called it a day and got the boat on the trailer at around 12:15. It was not as hot as we expected, and did get a couple fish in the boat.
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