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I've recently bought different decoys for this upcoming season and I would like to get rid of these. Prices are OBO, and I would also consider trading on Real Geese Pro II silos, or possibly gun(s) Locate din Springfield but I do travel a bit throughout the state.

1. 13 Doom Mallard Decoys. These are about 17-18" long. Made of foam and burlap coated. Urethane heads. Suc duc style decoy (although you can easily add a keel.) $200

2. (Picture 3) 12 Fowl Fooler mallard. This is essentially a foam Restle Mag body with a burlap coating. The heads are made a hard rubber that look nice and are very durable. $200

3. (Picture 4) 8 Random Puddlers. 2 are burlap Herters 92's, 3 are Toledo mags with the urethane heads, 2 are Mag Restle puddlers that are burlapped and Restle coated, and one randotm foamer with a plastic head. $100

4. (Picture 5) 5 Random Divers. The 2 large hen bluebills are a heavy urethane foam with a coarse Restle coating. They are heavy big water blocks with plastic Herters heads. The 2 buffies are made by Doom Decoys. These are burlapped foam decoys that have the suc duck design, have composite ,and urethane heads. $80

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