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10-18: My friend and I got to the pond he has access to around 08:55. I caught my first fish a white crappie at 09:05; it was a surprise for me. 09:20 landed my first L.M. bass of the day. It measured out 13 inches and 1 pound. The bass hit a wax worm; I was getting bites from then on about every cast!

I used up all my wax worms and used small pieces of chili seasoned hot dog. The fish keep on biting that as well. 10:40 my friend landed his first channel cat of the day. The fish was 21 inches 4 pounds the bait was a piece of “red hot smokie”. 10:55 I caught my second L.M. bass this one was also 13 inches. It also hit the chilli hot dog!

11:55 my fried got another channel cat. This one was 19 inches and weighed 2 pounds 5 ounces. The “smokies” did the trick again for him.11:25 I switched to night crawlers and the fish kept on biting. I missed a load of bites but did catch more bluegills The action was still strong for the smaller fish. NO action at all on my catfish rod.no matter what bait I used.

12:58 my friend landed a nice l.m. bass on a live bluegill he used for bait. That bass was 18 inches and weighed 3 pounds. 13:00 I caught a 9 inch crappie on a Catawba worm then later I caught another bluegill with the same bait.

13:30 we called it a day and headed home. The weather and action was a lot better than expected. My friend had honors with the big fish. I had a great total of fish; 4 white crappie, 2 l.m.bass, and 14 bluegills! I am always ready to go and fish that pond, maybe if the weather stays warm we will get another trip in this Fall.
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