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lost on mosquito

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by waterfox, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. I'm not making this up. three guys got lost on the north end of mosquito last night.
    They tied up 3 county sherifs and one dnr agent. They used flashing lights and sirens
    to guide them to the east shore. This lasted until midnight and I'm sure the people on 46 that had to get up for work loved it. I have fished mosquito for over 50 years and never got lost. I will admit that I have got lost after work and it took some time for me to find my way home.
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  2. creekcrawler

    creekcrawler Konfused Kayaker

    Hmmm. Alcohol may have been involved . . :rolleyes:

    Now, that, made me laugh!
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  3. In reference to your statement that you have never gotten lost in 50 years, I submit the following:
    "If all men were created equal, there would be no need for the passing lane".

    I know individuals that could not follow others into the woods, or anywhere else if the leader were only 10 yards ahead of them :).
  4. creekcrawler

    creekcrawler Konfused Kayaker

    Good point. One of my old mountain biking buds could never hit the trails alone or be left behind on a trail without getting lost.
  5. I never got lost on mosquito and for the woods a compass and a topo map and knowing how to use them helps. this is before smart phones and gps.
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  6. theres gotta be more to this story.
  7. prolly got hit by infra sound by a local bigfoot make them wear a diaper for 24 hours and see if they pass blood in their urine a couple sleep cycles they should be fine ..
  8. Very good!
  9. If it wasn’t for GPS, two summers ago fog was so thick you couldn’t see ahead of you, many boats were just sitting still because they did not know where they were. Several boats almost smacked into each other. Have never seen it like that before anywhere.
  10. Fog got me one morning on Piedmont. I was so damn certain I could find my hot spot once I left the Marina docks. An hour later I was deep in Essex Bay and thought I was in Egypt Valley area. Mother Nature taught me a lesson.
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  11. FAB


    I once had a guy walk up to me in the Allegany mountains in PA and ask which way to Tracy Ridge campground. I asked if he did not have a compass and he said sure I have one but I'm lost and a compass does you no good when you are lost . I told him to get it out and head east for about 4 miles and he would come to the road. Just walk up hill on the road and you'll come to the camp ground entrance.
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  12. getting lost on the ice can be a very scary thing, not knowing which way to go or if you might hit a soft spot. I know coming off the ice after dark even though you know where your going is kind of different, they should have stopped and listened for traffic, or a dog barking or lights on the shoreline but they were probably in a panic. just glad they made it off
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  13. on the north side you can see causway traffic. face causway and east is left right is west and your looking south. they ended up near mahan denman and 46 which was about 600 yards from shore. never found out where they went onto ice.
  14. wow. that is crazy, your right how could they not see the causeway?
  15. about 15 years ago, we were out in the boat fishing at night at cj brown when about midnight the fog came rolling in. thickest i have ever seen. we were catching some so we waited awhile. it was eerily quiet and dead still when out of the darkness another boat came slowly trolling by within a foot or two of us. we stared at them and they stared back and not a word was said. i think we all four knew how lucky we had been. we waited about 3 hours and it still didn't lift so we had a just a hand held GPS back then, so no problem, we'll just slowly go back to the dock talking loud into the dark. we were about half way back to the dock when it just didn't feel right, we knew the lake pretty good and the "stupid" GPS was taking us right through the finger of land sticking out in the lake because it plots a straight line. we corrected course way before we would have hit but it was a lesson that i didn't forget. now we have lake maps which helps quite a bit.
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  16. Same thing happened to me at Lake Okoboji in Iowa one summer. But the other boat was doing about 20 mph in the fog. just missed us as we had to gun the motor to get out of its way. Then we were lost in the fog until it lifted about 2 hours later. No fish either.....
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  17. If you cant afford a compass you shouldn't be allowed on the water or in the woods. I have tried to convince many individuals that a GPS with dead batteries or one that has failed is why a com[ass is a cheap safety device.
  18. buckeyebowman

    buckeyebowman On the back 9 and loving it!

    Oh, the stories! I was deer hunting south of Lisbon years ago when 3 consecutive shots boomed out. I'm on high alert since that usually means misses. Then I hear this plaintive wail, "HELLLLLLP!" Thinking someone was down and injured I yelled "What's wrong!?" "I'm lost!"

    Now, I'm pissed! How the hell can you be lost at 8:00AM!

    Another time a buddy of mine took another guy grouse hunting on the same piece of property. When it came time to head back to the car my buddy set off in that direction, but the other guy insisted that the car was in the opposite direction despite never having been there before!

    Eventually my buddy relented and allowed the other guy to "lead" him out of the woods. They hiked for miles until they finally found a road. Then they had another 4 or 5 mile hike on the roadside to get back to the car!

    And they weren't drinking either!
  19. K gonefishin

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    My buddy was 7 miles out on Erie all by himself just one other shanty with him. Dude walks up knocks on shanty says hey Man U know which way camp Perry is? My buddy was like are u kidding me? No gps no compass all by himself.
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