Lost Auger at Catawba this afternoon

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  1. My fishing buddy left his 8" lazer auger at Catawba today so if anyone happened to find one or heard of anyone finding one, could you please let one of us know. He said he thinks he sat it against his vehicle and then drove off without putting it away. He said he was parked near the restroom.

    My cell number is (419)706-4095
    Dom's number is (567)224-2958

  2. crooked stripe

    crooked stripe fishn and flyn

    Good Luck with someone turning it in.

  3. You can kiss that auger goodby...There are a lot of good people out there ...but chances are someone found it and to them it is there's now...and they may not be an OGF member...Years ago I found a tackle box in the parking lot at Ladue...Posted notices in all the local bait stores...No one ever called.....Jim.....
  4. I know chances of getting it back are slim, but wanted to post just incase an OGF member happended to find it.
  5. At Least You Didn't Loose Your Flasher Like I Did On Skeeter.
  6. I would have done the same thing...Never know if an OGF Member found it you may get lucky.......Jim....
  7. Does it have any unusal markings on it that you can identify it chances are who ever find it will be back there to use it.