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  1. Jack Russell, 91, passed on to join his friends and families on Monday, September 29, 2008. He retired from obedience school in his prime. He didn't obey much, but pretended to listen. As a younger man, he spent much time trying to break his cousins out from the other side of the fence to play. Being small in stature he spent much time utilizing furniture to aid in his inability to see things. He guarded his kingdom well! He is survived by his parents Brent & Lori, sisters Riley, Stinkie & Blinkie. His zest for barking at diesel engines and delivery trucks will surely be missed. A memorial toast may be made in his memory anytime you wish~

    He was a good dog. :(
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    Sorry to hear about your loss :)

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    I'll hoist a cold one for him tonight. Jack Russels are cool dogs.
  4. my sympathies, you'll never lose the memories.