Loss of another Legend

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    I just picked up the passing of local fishing legend Bernard S. Strayer, age 95 from Kent, Ohio, who died yesterday. Better known in fishing circles as "Barney" of the famous "Barney Spoon Lure"........... I have been lucky to have known this man since my younger days, as he was a friend and neighbor of my grandparents.... Barney invented the "spoon" and also mfg. it in its early days. Later on, he teamed up with my "Uncle BoB" to mfg. these "spoons" on a larger scale....... God Bless you Barney { you sure could tell a story}.......Jon Sr.
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    man sorry to hear that. he had a good long life anway. never met barney, but know bob pretty good. i bought a boatload of his spoons down there in kent. great baits! how is bob doin and still makin the baits? hes a good ole guy...

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    prayers go out to his family . i still have a few of his spoons for the lily pads and weeds.
  4. Certainly prayers to family and friends. Sounded like his life was full of great accomplishments and helped countless anglers along the way. May god bless.
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    No way.
    I just talk to who I thought was his wife last week. I wanted to buy some Barney Spoons when I could not find any Weed Wing lures. His wife said he wasn't home right now, was busy and to call back later.
    The place on Ravenna Rd. Is that "Uncle Bob"'s house or Barney's?
  6. Didn't know who he was. Sympathy to his family and friends. Sounds like a life well lived. RIP.
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    Lewzer, that's Uncle Bob's house you stopped at.............Mark
  8. Condolences to his family and friends from all of us at OGF.
  9. My Condolences to Barney's Family and all his friends , and I am sure he had a lot . I got to talk and visit with him twice, super nice guy. A friend I used to fish with took me over to visit with his uncle Bob, and Barney was there. I am sure he lived a long happy life 95 is one long lifetime most of us will not live to see 80. So Barney from all of us who had the pleasure of meeting you may you fish that big Silver Lake full of Fish up there. God Bless your Family and Friends ..
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    the rodmakers shop has a good supply of barney spoons.
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    My condolences and and prayers are with the family and friends. Back from 1970 to 1975 I had a bait and tackle shop in Streetsboro and they paid me a visit, stocked the store and sold a lot of their spoons. I often wondered how they were doing. Superb people for sure.
  12. :confused: Hay Fishers of Men you say you had a Bait and Tackle shop in Streetsboro from 70 to 75 , where was your shop located, I have lived in the area since 69 and I am sure I have been in your shop.Through time the city has changed and the memory has faded, jog my memory please.
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    Where Arbys now stands, was right next door to old pops truck stop. We had a great thing going back then. Bob stopped in all the time. "Sportcraft Rod and Gun"
    Rockwell was in full force.