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    Anyody been fishing loramie lately?How's the crappie doing? I am thinking about going up this weekend if the rain doesnt screw things up to much...
    Any pointers LOL.........Thanks
  2. The lake is fairly low right now so a lot of the spots i would normally be fishing this time of year are too shallow. I have made it out 3 times in the past week and averaged about 10 crappie each time. I haven't caught a lot but the size has been good. 7 of the around 40 i have caught this spring have been at or over 12 inches ( biggest was 13 1/4). try finding some brush piles in about 3 to 4 feet of water and fish about a foot and a half deep.

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    how about bass at lormie?
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    Well went up Tuesday, water is really low. temp was about 64 deg... Hard fishing I thought, due to the low water. Finally found about 10 that went from 9"-12. Didnt set the world on fire but better than nothing. Dont kow about the bass fishing, did see about a 4or 5#er flipping around in the pads like it was hurt or dieing, it was a nice fish
  5. I would like to make it down there and try for some crappies.
    I will try my self in a few weeks.
  6. Slabhunter, I guess I'll see what your made of Saturday. look for my van. I should be on the west side. I'll hook you on SOME of my spots from shore!! I talked with you at Joshes and your house tonight. You'll remember me!
  7. Brian, I'll be leaving here in abit. I hope it didnt muddy the waters up too bad with the rain last evening. Most likely I will be around earls but who knows where I'll be.
  8. Jiggy, didn't make it out all weekend, trying to make some extra money for my reelfoot trip next week. I'm going to try to make it out on thursday or saturday before i leave. i'll talk to ya before then.
  9. After you left last eve, I did end up finding some nice blacks. Like we talked they went to deeper water with the front moving in. Ended up with 20 or so nicer ones ,before the rain started back up.Same color, but deeper and futher out from shore!!!