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Started at about the 32/18, 40 fow, and not much action there. Pretty big pack of boats, but didn't look like anyone was really doing well. It didn't take us long to make the decision to move. We headed south a little to the edge of the bar. 46 fow at the 31/18.

Used our last shiner to catch our 59th fish, 1 short of limit. Worked out very well. 4 dozen minnows from George's caught 59 keeper perch, a TON of white bass, and some other junk. I guess you could say it was a good minnow count. About half emerald and half ugly's, but the fish didn't seem to mind the ugly's today.

Only took the one move today to find the fish. The average size of the perch today was excellent. Plenty of fish over 10", with about 4-5 over 12".

All while listening to the Browns WIN. Sounded like a rough game, but a W's a W!!
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