Loosing interest??

Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by Papascott, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. This is the first year in close to 20 that I am not excited about bow opener. I do not know if it is because my kids are getting older, I am getting older, Or hopefully it is just these hot temps and mosquitos! I have been shooting every other night and that is good but right now I am just not dreaming about sat morn, and for me that is odd???? I think I might need some professional help???? Any sugestions

  2. Just get in to the woods and see a few deer. That ought to do it.

  3. For the last few years I have not gotten excited about the opener and I think part of it is like you said. It is too warm...and there are still fish to be caught.;)

    My oldest boy is all revved up about it and is ready to drag me into the woods the first chance we get. Like ClickerCrazy said, I will probably get the itch back once I get a look at some deer in the woods...then all will be well again.:D
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    yep..............................get off your duff and hit the woods.the thrill will come back:D
    being the same age as you and not able to do it now,i miss it,so do it while you can:)
  5. Its got to be the warm weather, it tought to get excited about sitting in a treestand sweating, soon the nights get cool again its go time.
  6. I'm not that excited either. Hot temps and finding dead deer laying around has me bummed. I've never missed opening morning, but this year I'm going dove hunting opening morning of bow season. I'll go bowhunting in the evening. I may wait for november this year before going at it hard.
  7. I also am not very keyed but I will be up a tree, being there will kick it in. I'm in my late 50's and, Oh my God, late 50's, my kids are gone, but I'm on vacation next week and will be up a tree every day and evening, going to our hunt camp. I seen the rain will be on Thursday, should be good.
    GET PUMPED, GET PUMPED, com on, yea baby!!
  8. I'm excited, but will probebly pass on opening weekend, Maybe...I guess for me it's been busy with my daughter playing high school soccer two games a week, having alot of work to get done and still alot of fish to catch, still have a bass tournament next weekend, but as fall sets in I'm sure i'll get that itch to get back in the woods and find that big buck...

    Tons of mosquitos everywhere arent helping matters any
  9. I never did get pumped about openning day.I like hunting when it is colder and the leaves are falling.But i am going the first morning.But will be at a clam bake in the evening,but was wanting to go out then.But hey it is a long season...good luck all...
  10. I am pumped to get out. I went out to New Jersey a week ago and was just videoman for some hunts and that fueled my fire. I am not as bad as I used to be( I think). I just hope I can sleep Friday night.
  11. I am itching to tag the first big doe that walks by - freezer is getting pretty empty. Not crazy about the warm weather or mosquitos either, but the deer I've seen the past several weeks has me pumped and ready to go.
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    I can't imagine missing out on the opener! Nothing better than setting out and enjoying the woods. Never to hot and never to cold to be out! :D Kinda hard to either film,take pics of or do in season scouting for those record Bucks............................................................from the couch!!%

  13. Thats a fact
  14. Forget my earlier post. I'm bow hunting all weekend. It's deer season again, and I'm all jacked up.
  15. I remember the days when you found a set of tracks it was something to get excited about here in Ohio. Now deer are about in every inch of Ohio. I know when I lived in southeastern Pa. everyone deer hunted and thats where and when I got started. I had a bunch of guys that would go all the time and always had someone to go with. Having another person helps build the excitment. But; now since I moved back to Ohio with no one to go with it gets harder to get pump up. It is just harder as you get older to find someone you click with. Most the people I meet do not hunt and they are not intrested in learning. It is not as a acceptable way of life here as in the more rural areas of Ohio and Pa. My car is loaded and all my equipment checked twice. I'll be in the woods before deer leave the fields. We'll see as the sunrise wether my inner self starts to get excited.