looks like extra water

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  1. I have a 100 horse mercury out board that i dont recall water coming from all of these holes. I can tow it to the local dealer but he will be like well its 75 an hour to tear it down and look at it.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] motor runs fine havent checked the gear oil as of yet went in and out of gear last time out just fine.
  2. The pictures are a little difficult to judge from. When you hook the engine up to a hose/muffs you will get water exiting from other areas besides the tell-tale and exaust than when it is drawing water from the lake, as it normally does.


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    better to have water draining than not in freezing temps.
  4. Looks normal, but I would not know for sure for that particular model.

    One thing we all should do this time of year once the boat is back on the trailer after the launch. Is to run the engine for about 3+ seconds to expel water from the pump just in case the weather freezes before the next outing.
  5. thanks guys gear oil /grease looks good so im not goin to open the can of beans.