Looking to upgrade some trolling gear

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  1. Anyone recommend the Accudepth reels? I have two Sealine 47's and love them. Either I buy 2 Sealine 27's now and two next year or 4 accudepth 27's now. Opinions appreciated.


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    take the dicks coupon $10 off $25 purchase and do some shopping. when the magda 30 were on sale i baught 3 and rods each setup cost me $45.00 using the coupon on each rod and reel purchase. i do not care much for the acudepths at all. the magda 30 seem better ,so far. but go for the sealine too if you have the moolah and use the coupons posted on this site. i used one yesterday got 2 dipseys and a jet for $17.00.

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    Gander had buy one combo and get 50% of the second. I bought the trolling combos (line counter guide series) and used the dicks 10$ Off 25$ would have been like 170$ got tem both for 110$. They accept competitors coupons
    just ask . Used them at IL this week and they worked flawlessly
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    I have 6 Sealine 27 with walleye handles and I love them...spend the extra money and get them. Also have (2) 47's and (1) 17...I have never had a problem and the extra investment diminshes over time...these will last my lifetime and your's will too if you take care of them! You get what you pay for!