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Discussion in 'OGF Marketplace' started by tm1669, Jun 14, 2008.

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    I'm looking to trade a M1 Garand for a small fishing boat.
    I need a boat that will get me and my 2 boys out into ol Erie for perch action and eyes when in closer. 16' and under will fit in the garage so I want to stay close to that in size. As far as a motor I just want something that is safe. I want to be able to get in fast enough if something should happen weather wise. My trips will be mostly from Edgewater to the crib area.
    A far as the rifle.
    Its a SA (1943 production). It was rebarreled in 1953 up at Camp Perry by a National Guard armorer and locked in a safe as far as I can tell. NM op rod. SA trigger group,SA bolt. The stock has no cartouches (sp) but has been fininshed by a WW2 vet to an original finish using his technique. It looks great. I got it from this same WW2 vet after years of begging him to give it up and I feel terrible about possibly letting it go but for a decent boat and more time with my kids its worth it. He understands. Ammo and other misc stuff comes along with it.
    Pics to interested parties.
    Sorry so long