Looking to join a bass club or tournaments

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  1. I'm looking to fish a bass club or tournaments southwest Ohio area. Due to gas prices I don't want to travel too far. Fished the Midwest last year out of Tanners Creek and spent too much money on gas with fees included about $100.00 each time I went out. I already fish East Fork on Tues. but looking for Saturday tourney's local.
    There are three of us looking. Three boat owners with partners could help your club or tournament funding......(since we've never won anything!)
  2. southern ohio bassmasters fish mainly the east side of town eastfork is our home lake if interested shoot me a pm

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    I'm also looking to find a club that fishes the Southwest Ohio.....I feel your pain on the high cost, i fished a lot of the Tanners tournaments last year also and it started getting expensive with having to drive that far.... i live near Eastgate.
    If you don't mind I am going to send you a pm with my info so you can forward me some details about your club.