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Discussion in 'Fish on the Fly' started by BiteMyLine, Feb 6, 2008.

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    I'm looking for a good place to go do some trout fishing here very shortly. I know right now all rivers and streams are up with all of the rain we just recieved but I'm looking for some opinions on some good fly water. I just bought a new setup, waders, and an assortment of flies and I'm dying to get out and wet a line. Thinking either below the dam at brookville lake or the mad river. I'm located in southwest ohio about a half hour west of dayton so I will be making a decent drive no matter where I end up going. Could anybody give me some help, or if anybody wants to let me tag along that would be fine by me also. I have never caught a trout on a fly rod, only at rush run after they released them, and on trout bait. Seems to me like it was too much like catfishing and that is just not my style of fun fishing.
  2. Sounds like the Mad may be your best choice, although I have never fished it. I'm sure you'll get some helpful replies. There is a guy or 2 down in SW Ohio who are always happy to help.
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  3. swing by the buff show this weekend there will be lots of people who fish both. i like to fish the mad but i fish brookville more and you probably have a better shot at fish there. if you have any questions send me a pm