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  1. would like to know if the trout are coming up the river yet. would like to go to soccer field in willoughby ???
  2. The trout definitely aren't up the rivers that far yet. There might be a few stragglers, but I've only seen a few caught at the mouths.

  3. Thanks for the reply I'll wait till we get some rain before going then saves me a wasted trip thanks again
  4. Some Steelhead have reached thier way up the rivers and into the deeper fords and pools. This occured during the hurrcane whether, when the water level in the Lake rose very high, the highest and coolest it has been all year. Alot of Steelhead used that as an opportunity to swim upstream. No one expected it and lots of guys have hooked them already. There is nothing hot going on right now, but maybe a fish or two slamming on spoons and spinners in the lake at the mouths of the rivers. Trout and Salmon will not start running upstream until late Oct. That does not mean you can't look. No one knew the Steelhead were in there, but a few are. Fish the deeper fords of Rocky River with spoons, blue and chrome Little Cleo's. They are taking minnows and spinners too. For spinners, a chrome Blue Fox Vibrax spinner is a hot one. They are only .97 at Wal-Mart! Big sale yesterday! I went nuts! Hope this helps.

    If you fly fish, you might wait for the big run in late Oct. Otherwise, meet us at the Long Wall at Fairport Harbor for the Steelhead outing. Will be a good time!
  5. Got one off arcola crk on a lil cleo...
    saw two more rollin' out there....
    one guy reported he had one hooked earlier but
    broke him off.

    checked all my usual haunts further upstream in the Grand and not
    too much goin' on at all up there.....

    still a little early yet but it never hurts to scout around...

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    I just started fishing for these critters last winter and have a ton of questions. Like can you catch em on the same things in the fall as you do in the winter? What colors seem to do the best in the winter? What works in the fall? Is my noodle rod better left at home in the fall?
  7. I hear the fish are IN up there in all the rivers. I may have to go up and check it out next week. If I do, I'll let yuou know what I find. I will be throwing silver/green lil' cleos 1/3oz and probably have one rod out with a jig/maggot or minnow combo on black or black/green mini-foo.
  8. Dingo


    Probably not worth too far of a drive until we receive some rain -- especially the streams to the western side of Cleveland. We didn't receive much rain from IVAN to the west of Cleveland, so the rivers (rocky, vermilion) are running low and clear. Probably more fisherman than fish in most areas, except for some caught near the mouth of the rivers in the early morning hours, or out in the lake. The grand river may have fish a bit further up, but it's polluted! :rolleyes:

    Fish fought hard/long may not survive the experience, until the river temps drop a bit more - so get 'em in quick or prepare to put them on a stringer.

    Same baits work for fall and winter, but faster moving offerings are typically used until the water gets cold -- spoons / spinners / minnows instead of spawn.
  9. I will usually stick with chucking spoons (ko wobblers and lil cleos) and vibrex spinners in the early fall, but will still throw a second rod out to sit with a minnow or a minifoo/maggot.

    As it gets colder and into late Oct. and into Nov.Dec.Jan.Feb., I usually stick with just minnnows and minifoo/maggots...

    Color: I only fish 3 colors of minifoos - and ya can usually tell from the bait store racks which ones....all black, black w/ red head, and brown w/ maroon head.

    Spoon colors in early fall: chrome and something. Meaning chrome and orange, or chrome and neon yellow/green etc...

    In the smaller waters, I also use 6lb test, nothing heavier...I use 8lb to chuck spoons out in the lake...

    That is my personal preferance but there are many many other variations to use also.

    Good luck...
  10. Keep the reports coming all :D
  11. THANKS Steely123-Dingo-Big Daddy for the info i may take a ride up there today just to see what it looks like and scout it out I'll let you guys know what i find
  12. hey am i chopped liver there buddy? hahaha!

  13. Dingo and Steely, thanks for the information. Your expertise is appreciated on here.
  14. I hit the Fairport Harbor break wall on Tues. evening. Earlier in the day the winds picked up out of the north and caused for some big swells that evening. The water was getting tore up and I gave her a try for 45 minutes with no luck. The locals tell me people have been picking up a few fish first thing in the mornings off the pier but thats about it. I'm going to get out a couple times next week too and see if anything changes but I think we are a few weeks, some rain, and favorable winds away from catching good numbers of steelies.
  15. i went down to the river today (Todd Field) and a guy gave me some eggs does anyone know how to treat themm for fishing ???
  16. thiers this one place called the north east yacht club on lake erie .great fishing off of the break wall. eyes in the spring and trout in the winter (feb).. but the y put up a fence so now i cant fish it but some times u could get up to 30 steelies in 4 hours great fishing no lie eather
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    Tom, here's the method I use:
    If the eggs are fresh (uncured) soak them in a solution of Borax laundry booster and cold water. I use a plastic bowl. About one handful to about a half gallon water. Gently separate the layers of eggs (if possible) occasionally while soaking. I usually soak them for 30 minutes or so, up to an hour if I can't separate the layers. I also try to avoid cutting up the skeins, unless they are extra large. After soaking, I freeze them in zip-lock bags with all the air removed. I'll also put several bags of frozen eggs into a mason jar and screw the cap tight to help prevent freezer burn.

    Uncured eggs will turn to mush if frozen and thawed, and they go rancid fast.

    Don't use salt to cure fish eggs, it turns 'em black.