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looking for tiny size hooks

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by crappielooker, Apr 19, 2005.

  1. crappielooker

    crappielooker The Corn Chucker

    i'm looking for hook size 14-20 baitholder style.. anywhere in columbus sells hooks this small..
    thanks guys..
  2. H2O Mellon

    H2O Mellon Hangin' With My Gnomies

    Sorry AK, if it doesnt have an "/0" behind it, I cant tell you anything! ;)

  3. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    Wow, what are ya doing fishing for guppies at petland????? Never heard of hooks that small.
  4. Elamenohpee

    Elamenohpee Banned

    Go to any fly tying shop and you'll find what you're looking for
  5. Reel Lady

    Reel Lady Dreams DO come true!

    I think AK was watching Right AK???
  6. tpet96

    tpet96 Banned

    Ak....try Mad River Outfitters on Bethel Road. They will have baitlholder hooks that small for fly tying. Really not that badly you buy quantity (50+).
  7. johnboy111711

    johnboy111711 SOLID MEAT

    if you don't get some soon, i have a few size 14, 16, and 18's if you still need them when you come to west branch.
  8. Crappielooker: Check out Mad River Outfitters they will have hooks that small but not in the bait keeper style. I don't recall ever seeing a bait keeper that small. You might try Cabelas or Bass Pro also. :B
  9. crappielooker

    crappielooker The Corn Chucker

    thanks guys..
    marcia.. nooope..i'm not going to be fishing for bait.. well, i ain't using what i'm catching for
  10. RiverRat

    RiverRat Banned

    Yep AK, try the fly shops like Mad River...i think they carry down to #24's...but for a hook like that you'll need under 2 lb test to go threw the eye of the

    Bet the match fishing guys in Chicago could "hook" you up with some that small?

    I think the smallest ive bought locally is #14 in baitholder style.

  11. crappielooker

    crappielooker The Corn Chucker

    i planned on using 1lbs test leader and 2-4lbs test mainline..
  12. rockbass

    rockbass Banned

    May I ask what in the heck you would be fishing for??
  13. mrjbigfoot

    mrjbigfoot Mike

    I agree on the "fly shop" comment. Gander Mountain sells fly fishing supplies at their stores. I tie flies & there's lots of small hooks available that are even smaller than what you want. I sometimes use smaller fly hooks to catch bait. They work well on big creek chubs, shiners, shad, alewives etc.. But you can also get real small gold treble hooks that work well on bigger herring, shad & alewives, because they're attracted to the gold flash in the water. If you put a drop weight on your line & then tie in 6 to 12 little gold trebles above it, you can jig & snag them around piers & docks.