looking for this trolling motor plug.......

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    *please excuse, or phear my mad MSpaint skillz :p

    bowmount motorguide 43 pd. thrust (12v) dont know model number off hand. has a flakey positive connection inside this grey plug (one piece rubbery).
    ive shaved a bit off the end and the V channel to sink it onto my recepticle even further, but still needs sideways pressure exerted (sp) toward the red positive side.

    ive looked at many marine websites selling all kinds of plugs BUT this one. :mad:
    do they still make these? or should i breakdown and buy the whole new plug/recepticle/butt connectors/more wire? because of course, the ones ive seen will not just plug into my current setup :rolleyes:

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  2. shoot if your having problems with connections, i would break down and buy a new set of plugs so you don't have to worry about it any more, i think you can get a while set with the needed hardware for probably less than 20 bucks. Here is a set at bass pro:



    Oh and by the way, thats a pretty good drawing using paint, that program is about good for nothing.

  3. I've got the same motor, I believe.. At least the same plug, and I'm sorry I cant tell you where to find a new one, But you now have me thinking I'll need one eventually.. Had to find a "arm" piece one time and had a HELL of a time. Motor gets "abused" by Erie... Finally found one from someone in W. Va. I believe.. Good Luck...
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    Get the serial number and model number. Then do a search on the web for Motorguide. Get their service number & call it if they don't have an email you can contact them with.
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    on a whim i stopped in Norton Marine on the way home today, thinking id be buying the whole package. head over the various plugs and recepticle wall display and see all the stuff ive seen on the internet.... then i see a same shaped hanging by itself, but its red and says plugs into onboard charger sytem and had all 4 holes "populated". i asked a mechanic if that red one would work and explained top 2 holes only,12v and grey.... he pondered for a minute then said let me check the back. minute later he arrives with a grey one just like the one i have. :) he said he orders them from Lund boats. didnt think to visit a boat manufacture site on my quest. picked up some shrink tubing as well.

    plug $8.95
    shrink tubing $0.95

    cut - crimp - shrink - and go ... im smilin' :)

    he said he was going to order 3 more to replace the 1 i bought.... if ya ever need one... shoot me a PM and i'll stop and get one for you and mail it up.... ;)
  6. nice pic. i knew it was either the space shuttle, or the plug you needed.
    :D :D :D