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  1. I'm planning a vacation for one of the last two weeks of September and can't decide where to go. Looking for someplace with good fishing that time of year, good hiking would also be nice, and a good trout fishery would be extra nice. I was thinking of going to north carolina, but I'm worried the fish might be in a lazy late summer pattern if I head south. 10 hr drive from cincy, or flights less than 250 round trip are about all I can budget. Oh yeah... and I'll be taking my girlfriend, but she's a trooper, so rustic accomodations are no prob. She got to pick the February vacation, so she is stuck with my choice for the late summer trip :) Thanks in advance for any ideas.
  2. Don't tell another yankee about this great place. Trout-Beer-Mountains-rivers-golf-no kids after August-Beer-October Fest best in the south-7 hrs from Cincy-Beer-great prices-3 traffic lights in the entire county-nice people-Beer. Feel free to pm me. link http://www.helenga.org/

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    little bit more of a drive(app. 14 hours)but white river(arkansas) has great trout fishing.one of the nicest state park campgrounds i've seen(right on the river).
    next to bull shoals lake for crappies/bass.short drive to beautiful float on the buffalo river for great smallie fishing.lots of nearby attractions,plus right in the beautiful ozark mountains:)
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    After living in germany for 14 months that place sounds right down my alley!