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Looking for Someone to go Stripper Fishing With

Discussion in 'Stripers & Hybrids' started by SenkoGuy, Jul 24, 2017.

  1. Do any of you stripper masters want to take a newbie out stripper fishing??? I have never gone after strippers, and would really like to go fishing for them. PM if your kind hearted soul would be willing to show me the ropes.

  2. Just get a bunch of dollar bills and hit the clubs.:D

  3. Not the response I was looking for, but hilarious nonetheless.
  4. What do you need to know, and where are you located. I'm sure we could atleast get you the basics even if you got to do it on your own.
    They are funny fish But if you have the right stuff for the area you are in you learn more by pounding water than anything else
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  5. SenkoGuy,the "dollar bills" response was due to the fact that *stripers* are fish. *strippers* are,well,strippers!
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  6. I definitely walked into that one!
  7. I'm a stripper master but I dont know a thing about stripers...
  8. If anyone is going striper fishing fishing in the next couple weekends and would want to take a newbie, let me know. I can split costs with you or whatever you need me to do.
  9. What lakes are you interested in fishing? I am not planning on going again in the near future but my suggestion would be to decide upon a lake that you would like to target and then hire a guide. They will answer all of your questions and provide you with general tips on where the fish are usually located at different times of the year. You can see the type of tackle, bait, and techniques that they are using. One or two times with a guide and you should be proficient enough to do it on your own. If you are interested in Cumberland or Norris I could provide a couple of extremely good guides who love to share information. Stripers are my favorite fresh water fish to target. They put up a great fight and are very good on the grill!
  10. I'm sort of looking for something in the northern half of Ohio.
  11. Sorry SenkoGuy, I cannot help you in that area. I did not know that any Ohio lakes held Stripers. I am aware of hybrids but not pure stripers. What lakes up that way are they stocked?
  12. I was looking for hybrids. Figured I would start there.
  13. You'll be looking a LONG time for stripers or wipers in Northern OH waters. They used to stock stripers in W. Branch but that is long gone and so are the fish. The lakes up here just don't have the habitat to support them. If wipers are what you're looking for, and stripers
    (depending where you go). the Ohio river is where you want to be. Talk to daveo in the OH River forum here or any of those guys and they'll get yuh taken care of. Go down when the time is right and grab a cheap hotel for the night and give it hell. Just take it easy on them strippers ;) LOL! Had to...
  14. I heard a long pole with a stiff action works best..................
  15. :DHAHAHAHA!!!
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  16. Doboy

    Doboy HeWhoDiesWithTheMostToysWins

    Lots of good info here,,,,, ON BOTH SPECIES!!! ;>)

    Anyway,,,, Please fill out some of your profile, or tell us where-abouts you live!?
    It would save us some time answering you!
    IF you live East of Cleveland/ Canton/ Akron,,,, And you really want to catch some BIG ONES, the best place I know is in Pa. Sharpsville.
    #2, What fishaholics said,,, The Ohio River. Specifically the WV side of the NC Dam.
    Get yourself a dozen 5"-6" Powerbait swimbaits (shad color) & 3/4 to 1oz jigs, with 3/0-4/0-5/0 HEAVY duty jig hooks! Stand on the 'wingwall' & let 'em fly!
    You'll need to cast 100yds,,,, out to the 'whitewater',,,, and I'd recommend at least 300yds of braid with a 2' leader, something that YOU can easily snap off! (& NOT leave a ton of braid in the water for the next guy!) If you hit bottom for more that a second, you'll know what I mean.
    BTW,,,, Thanks for bringing up "Big Stripers". This give me an opportunity to remember a very good friend who needed a heart transplant,,,, he waited on the list for 20 something years, all he could do is fish,,,,, & TIME ran out. RIP
    He was #1 on catching the huge stripers & walleyes,,,,,,
    some Shanango, Ohio River & Pymi Pics;

    25# Striper  Sharpsville.jpg

    NC DAM
    OR Stripers 5.JPG

    NC DAM
    OR Stripers 24in 1.JPG

    More Shanango Orangeville pics
    Orangeville Stripers 2.jpg

    Pymi,,,, night casting for eyes
    Beaners Walleyes, Night Fishing Pymi.jpg
  17. Nice fish Jer. Love the walleyes. Number one species on my wish list...
  18. Chuckle everytime the posting comes up to the top.....Gotta like Stripper fishing.......