looking for someone to fish with.

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  1. Glad I found this forum! I live in the most southern part of Ohio and have fished since I was a child. The problem is my husband, who refuses to go fishing. He hates it. The only "fishing" he does is through the t.v. channels! I don't mean to sound terrible by saying that, but I just would rather be outdoors, especially during the warmer months.

    It seems like the only women in this area who go fishing are with their husbands or boyfriends so maybe its like that everywhere in which I feel really stupid posting this, but I'd rather go fishing any day than go shopping. Anyway, if you (male or female) are planning a trip to southern OH and don't mind an extra person going along, please e-mail or p/m me. I live 2 minutes away from the Ohio River. I don't have a boat but love to fish from the shore or by boat when I get the opportunity.
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    Don't feel stupid. There are lots of women that don't get to enjoy fishing as much as they would like to because they have no partner. If I lived closer, I would invite you along, but I never get down that far south.

  3. first WELCOME to OGF!! with all the great people here someone will help!!!! too far away from me but there are lots of members down that way...look for some local clubs that fish the river and maybe enter a few fun tournys on the river...maybe hubby just needs to catch a few pole benders to get "hooked"...good luck!!!
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    A girl looking for a fishing partner and lives 2 minutes from the Ohio River.... You've came to the right place. I'm sure someone will send you a PM.

    You dont have a private launch around ya do ya? lol