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  1. Good morning all,

    I am new to the site and am really impressed with the feedback everyone provides. So I thought I would seek out some help. I live in Youngstown and my friend lives in Kirtland. We both have young boys (2-3 yo). We were looking to do some shore fishing Thursday with the kids. Maybe some Crappie or Bass. Truth be told I would settle for a good Bluegill hole just to keep the kids happy. We are looking for somewhere in between the two of us. Looking at the map it looks like Mosquito or the Ohio side of Pymatuning. Even West Branch I guess. The problem is the kids so to say. We have to go somewhere where them seriously injuring themselves isn't real threat. Any help you guys might be able to offer up would be greatly appreciated.
  2. there is a kid's pond at the public boat launch at Berlin. It is off of 224 past less's boat lunch.

  3. Thanks for the input. I do appreciate it. Is this fishing any good out of it? I've also been reading some about small-mouth and more out of the Cuyahoga. I wouldn't mind getting some thoughts on that as well. I have been out of the fishing scene for some time now and have no idea what is around.
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    with kids that young I would concentrate on finding spots with a zillion panfish. Lets face it 2-3 year olds, patience isnt there strong point. So if your not reeling in fish pretty consistantly they will get bored. What I do when I have the young ones out is set a rod holder with a circle hook and stick some catfish bait (worms, livers, shiner..) on the bottom and put a bell on the rod. That frees you to 100% help the little one fish and if the bell goes of dad pulls in a :B . Anyplace you find tons of panfish there is probibly a # of cats nearby, so it works out good.

    I beleave all the state parks have kid fishing areas, I know for a fact misquito and milton do. These spots are great because along with holding a ton of fish they also have facilitys nearby for when the kids get bored (swings and such). Remember use a small hook/presentation untill you find your sweet spot. Its not about the size of the fish its just getting the little one to pull in a fish he/she cought. Take pictures, stop for icecream and you will have someone bugging you to go fishin for life :) .

    If you want to stick out of the public eye and have more of an adventure (short walk threw the woods secluded spots ext.) I fish lake milton and could turn you onto a few spots there that we take the small ones and its relitivly safe. Let me know in PM if milton is on the table or not and ill go further into this.

    GL man
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    i take my 9 and 11 year old down to walborn at the price street bridge on the s.w side if u cast at the bridge u can get 40 to 50 blue gill not keepers but fun for the kids. dont put the hook to low u will loose it about 1 foot will work, the fish a walborn love the nitro worms. i got a 4 lbs cat last week. it its a little diffacult to get down there. down a quail hollow state park. they have stocked it with catfish and bluegills i take my 5 year old there. u cant keep them u have to throw them back down the road to the east across st rt 183 past deer creek is a bridge it is part of berlin. i was there sunday a caught 14 real small cats. in about 1 hour about 3 feet deep