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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by corndawg, Nov 21, 2007.

  1. corndawg

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    I want to get a new camera (I’m hoping Santa will bring me one) and was looking for some suggestion. Nothing too expensive ($100 - $200) because I’ll have it on the water with me. I would like it to be able to take clear close up shots of fish so I’m thinking a macro button would be nice. Any feedback and sample pics would be appreciated.
  2. RareVos

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    I am a fan of Canon's digital ELPH's. The SD750 just recently came down to $250 or so. You can read up all the specs. For use on the water it is easy to operate with a fish in one hand. The build on the Canon is a little more robust than some of the competiiton... compact but solid with a nice heft. If you want it completely waterproof you can order a competely sealed case for use underwater. I haven't shot any field stuff in macro... but I have lots of work related pics shot macro, no flash, things like that.

  3. i just got my daughter the canon elph 870---it is incredible!---pricey--$340---but 8.1 megapixel will give you detail---macros are great ---i know a bunch of people that have the 750 and love it---i can send you some pics that were taken with the 870 just pm me
  4. Ruminator

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    Consumer Reports lists Panasonic as having the least number of repairs needed, followed by Sony and Olympus.

    Nikon Coolpics take great pics, a few members here have them to post with.
    They are nice, small cameras in your price range also.
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    you dont want to use macro mode for fish pics. macro mode is for like 10" away, perfectly still subjects like flowers and that sort of thing. a pic from 2' away with bright conditions should take a crystal clear pic and then you can edit the pic later. sometimes i take two pics and end up tossing the weaker pic out. when it comes to pics, practice makes perfect and digital film is free. :D

    its amazing what you can get for $150-$200 nowadays. Ive had good luck with Sony, olympus, my sis and dad with canon. i have had one kodak i hated, and a couple of the sonys seem to be getting made more cheaply nowadays. go for a large glass lens, not a small plastic one. the little plastic lenses give fuzzy pics imo. (i use cams for work.) right now i just got a black olympus thats small and supposed to be waterproof. i like it, but i cant remember the model #.
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    I bought a Cannon Powershot A560 this season. I like to take pictures, but I'm not a huge camera buff. For the price, I think they'd be hard to beat.

    It takes incredible pictures.
  7. Ruminator

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    I've been looking at the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ3.
    Its around $260.00, but man you get a lot for that, including an excellent 10X optical zoom! !%
    I've been reading owner reviews around the net and its a well liked subcompact super zoom camera.
    I may be looking to do a triple buy here soon. Maybe I can wrangle a discount. :D
  8. Heres the one im looking at getting. Its dust proof, shock proof, water proof and can take a hell of a beating. It comes in may different colors. Oh yeah it can handle heat and cold conditions as well. May cost a little more but it will last thur about anything.