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Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by sevenx, Jul 12, 2007.

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    I am thinking about putting a boat together for fish for carp and striper/hybrids. This would be boat for fly fishing and I would like to be able to handle the Ohio river but also be able to pole up into skinny water chasing the carps. I would like start with an empty shell and custom build a boat. I have ideas for deck design and set up but I am open to any suggestions. I want to keep cost down ofcourse so that would be consideration in design. I wouldn't need a huge motor just big enough to handle the Ohio. Maybe 35 if that would be enough. I was thinking of start with a 18 foot flat bottem john boat but I dont think that would work out to well on the big river. THanks for any advice. S
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    i think an 18 foot mod-v jon would be fine.it would give a very stable platform for casting and give you plenty of space and be a good design to build on.the only problem on the river would be major high water or getting to close to barge wakes.in general i think it would handle most wakes,though it might be like riding a roller coaster with big ones:D
    personally i wouldn't be afraid of running one on the river.i'm sure there are plenty of those boats being used there now.

  3. An 18' semi-v can handle the river with no problems. You might want a 50 horse or larger. Semi-v's are a good combo of design and efficiency.
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    They're extremely stable, your not going to be running 45mph in it and the waves in the Ohio are never truly bad unless you get caught in a storm. Despite everyone's dire predictions about barge wakes, I find the 25' cruisers cause worse wakes than the barges. A barge wake is a big roller that just lifts your boat and settles it back down a few times. Those cruisers roll by at 25 mph and kick up a 3' wake that crests like a real wave and THEY beat you up. Have a 28' Carver cabin cruiser go by 100' away while you're anchored and you'd best hold on. Barges, while intimidating go so slowly that they just push water along as opposed to making a big wake.

    Keep in mind that the first boats to ply the Ohio for trade other that the Indians canoes were flat boats. They are in their realm in skinny water and are great for the creeks that feed the Ohio. I'd feel very comfortable in a flat and they can be bought in lots of places...