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  1. I am looking for a 10-12 ft aluminum fishing boat w/ trailer for about $500. I don't need anything fancy just a boat to get me out on a lake. I really got into fishing this year and I would like to start fishing from a boat next year instead of the shore. I have been trying to get in contact with some people on craigslist, but they have not responded back to me yet. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks
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    I have a friend selling a 14" canoe with two trolling motors and a trailer. I think he said that they want $500 for it. PM me if you are interestedd and I'll get more info.

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    Did you try here on the site in the OGF Marketplace? There's always boats on there for sale. Alot of the times, other members can attest to the boat's "seaworthiness", if you will. Just a thought....
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    i have aluminum boat with 3 yr old trailer 30# trolling motor two 1 year old batteries and a fish finder $800 firm
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  6. I am going to wait until after the holidays to purchase a boat. I appreciate everyone that responded to my thread. If there is anyone out there that has a boat and is looking for someone to fish with PM me. Thanks again.
  7. Saw a small boat out next to the road about a half mile east of Cotton Corners on right side heading east on route 5. Did not stop I was pulling my boat and was heading to WB. Looked like a nice little boat, should have stopped , my neighbor is looking for a amall boat, I told him about it he has not said anything about it.
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    what is the ogf marketplace? I'm looking to sell 2 motors & purchase 1.
  9. on the list of "forums" page, second one down below 'fishing reports".
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    thank you mr Stone, it was right under my nose!