Looking for shad

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  1. need any info on getting live shad in Columbus Ohio I don't like frozen shad they don't seem to work as good. Greenlawn is where i get them but it has not been a good spot any more I think the paylakers are getting them all any help would be good thanks.:B
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    Go to the old powerplant around the 72nd area and there should be plenty of shad along the bank. Talked to a guy yesterday and they said there are alot of lively shadd...

  3. Fishman

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    They're starting to spawn in southern Ohio right, give it a week or so up there and you shouldn't have any trouble find them :) Just go to a lake you know has a good shad population, look for them spawning, and start throwing!
  4. They are spawning in central Ohio right now, I loaded up on them in 2 throws. Look for rock/stone banks on a 45 degree slope.