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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by lg_mouth, May 4, 2005.

  1. lg_mouth

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    I have a 14.5HP Quality Farm and Country riding lawn mower. The steering arm and the ball joint are worn out and I would like to locate a new or slightly used one. Prob is that Quality and Farm and Fleet went out of business just a few weeks after I bought the mower and I can't find parts for it. No other mower parts will fit it, that I have found any way. Local mower mechanics charge $40 hr for work and it is an easy fix if I can just locate the part. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  2. BigChessie

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    I'm looking for a steering shaft and a steering wheel also. lol

  3. H2O Mellon

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    I may be able to help w/ the steering wheel thing. My dad has two old \er mowers, both Murray riding mowers at his cabin.
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    If LG MOUTH can't use it then I would give it a try. I guess I should take a pic of it to see if its the same. My mower is a MTD LT1642.
  5. Most small riders are made by the say Co. try a search on the net,most likely you will find the parts.MTD makes most of them,club cadet,troy built,yard man,bolens,white and so on.
  6. BigChessie

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    I just replaced a Selenoid and found it on-line but have not located a steering rod and wheel anywhere. I was just hoping to jrun across an old mower that does not run and use it.
  7. Most of the time the lower gear is bad also!I am assuming that the steering is bad?
  8. Anytime I Need Mower Parts I Go To Or Call Glenn's Surplus Sales In Shelby Ohio. They Have Thousands Of Parts.usually Very Reasonable Phone Number Is 419-347-1212. Mike
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    I picked up this mower off a buddy of mine pretty cheap. Replaced the seleniod, Which turns out was not even the problem,lol Had a bad wire on the seat safety switch. Took my son and I over 4 hours with a test light to figure out what was wrong. Finally got it running, made 2 laps around the yard and....I turn the wheel one way and the darn tractor goes the other lol stripped the top of the rod and the steeering wheel. Tossed some JB weld on it (did not take becasue it was too cold) Drilled a hole through both the shaft and steering wheel, stuck a nail in her and it is working but who knows how long.lol Now I'm stuck mowing because I know as soon as my boy (he is 12) gets on it and goes flying off it will get broken off. He is into "how fast can I mow mode" If he can get it finished in less than an hour he is as happy as can be, course does not look like when I mow and it takes 2 hours lol
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    I second this motion...gettin ready to post their number myself
  11. Guys You should check with TSC Tractor supply stores if there is one around you they can get parts for about anything,that is whare i always get mine. I found this out last year after looking everywhare i was talking to them the other day and they said always check with them they can order just about all mower partsalso cheaper than other places. Good Luck Fishguy
  12. Steering wheels and shafts we have them in our shop. We carry 5/8 shafts that are splined. I can weld the pitman arm about wherever you like it. www.bmikarts.com not sure if these shafts will work on your application. Glenn
  13. lg_mouth

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    Hey guys, thanks for the info. I will look into all these leads and get back to you guys and let you know how I did. It is great to have a resource like OGF!

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  14. BigChessie

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    Hey Jiggy I might have to see if you can hook me up. I'll have to take a pic of what I have and let you see if you can fix her. Thanks
  15. Just send me a pic. Or send it to the boss on our website!