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Looking for Rice Lake vacation replacement!

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Shive, Jul 21, 2007.

  1. All, Looking for some place else to go besides Rice, I know there out there but not sure what they are! Here is what I like about Rice.

    The Otanabee and Indian River's are close which gives you very diversified options. You can fish the islands or the lake or the river's all of which are less that 20 minutes in either direction.

    We usually spend about 2000.00 for a week with a cootage and pontoon. This includes gas up and back grocery's the complete trip.

    We always seem to catch a lot of fish which is important since this is primarily for my son who loves to fish he's 11.

    The lake is managable it's not huge like Erie or Michigan I am never afraid of getting lost.

    If you all have any suggestions of where to go I would appreciate it!

  2. How ya doing man. Long time no hear from.

    Anyway, I would try Saltfork Lake resort. The cabins are great and also they have clear water and great fishing.

    Later bro.

  3. Aren't there more than just 1 resort on Rice? Try a different one.
  4. alan farver

    alan farver purple raiders softball

    try staying at glenn gary or alpine.stayed at both places with alpine being the nicer of the two
  5. Kentucky and Tennessee have some awesome lakes. Very nice house boats for rent also. Might be worth exploring.
  6. Real-Foot lake in Tenn is an awesome place to fish and lodges are very cheap.
  7. If you like the Rice Lake area you can go another 1/2 hr to 1 hour north to Buckhorn, Clear or Stoney Lakes. All on the Trent River system (as is Rice). I've been to Stoney a number of times and fished Clear Lake. It is getting more populous, but still not as crowded as Rice. Stoney and Clear have good populations of walleye, smallies, decent perch, tons of 'gills, and numbers and size muskies (some real bruisers in there). I can recommend a resort that has cabins and campgrounds if you'er interested.

  8. Yep your right and I agree, but right now my wife is a little touchy on the Rice Lake subject! And you know what they say "when momma's happy..."