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  1. I'm looking to get a bunch of plastic jars for storage of hooks/sinkers/jigheads etc. all kinds of bass, walleye, and panfish hooks/weights/jigs/spinners/beads/etc.

    I'd like em to fit in a 3700 size box. It would just be nice to have all those little hooks and everything in a bottle, rather than keeping a ton of loose packets of hooks bouncing around in a 3700 box.

    I'm guessing some of you do this, and I'd like to find out where you get the bottles/jars. Like pill bottles, or those nalgene storage bottles for camping. I just dont want to be paying 1.75 a bottle (for the nalgene)...and I don't have near enough pill bottles. I'll probably go over to some craft store or something and see if I can find anything, but was looking for some solid advice in advance.

  2. janns netcraft has an awesome tackle tamer-it has a jar thing that connects on the inside of the snelled hook holder-between $3-8, depending on size. We sell the crap out of them-if that is too uch-Go to Hobby Lobby and search their jewelry dept-You should find something there.

  3. http://www.dickblick.com/zz048/24/

    I'm thinking those look about right to me. I know what you're talking about, with the snell tube thing. I just dont need that part. i saw the jars taht screw onto each other. those look pretty good, i just want to be sure they'll hold 5/0 and 6/0 wide gaps. these look like a good deal, 2" 8 pack for $2.66. Gonna see if I can find something in a store tomorrow before I order anything and ahve to wait for it to be delivered.
  4. Throw away your digital camera and start shooting 35mm. I use the plastic film containers to hold beads, swivels, etc. in my boxes, and yes they fit in 3700's.

    I haven't bought any in awhile but Fuji containers were semi-transparent so you could see what was inside without a label.
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    I was going to suggest the same thing. I used to use those often.
  6. I probably have all the rx containers you need....If you pay the postage..I'll get um out to you...About a large coffee can full of them....

  7. I have a diabetic daughter and we go through lots of little pill-size containers. I started to save them but I could only use so many myself. They are water-tight too. I guarantee nothing in them will get wet.

    Great for swivels, aberdeen hooks, etc.

    I can start saving them again.
  8. i appreciate the offers guys, but I went ahead and bought a bunch of those little containers today at the store. got 30 of em for 10 bucks.