looking for outdoor flea market

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by deerhunter, Aug 21, 2004.

  1. im looking for any outdoor flea markets coming up in northen ohio
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    jamies flea market in amherst is the biggest in the area, or go to the little one at memphis drive inn.

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    swapers days labor day weekend...johnstown area....get on 62 east out of johntown go out to the road by the high school and turn right(there sould be signs)...then follow the signs or the traffic...its a very big event
  4. On wed. and sat.- Jamies Flea Mkt. at Intersection of 113 and 58.
    Mondays and Thursdays- Hartville Flea mkt. st rt 619 just west of st rt 43.
    Saturdays and sundays-Litchfield Flea Mkt- st rt 18 and 83.
    Sat. and Sundays-Wadsworth flea mkt at the Drive in grounds.
    Mondays and I day I cannot remember-Kidron Flea Mkt and live stock auction. In Downtown Kidron.
    Farmerstown is on tuedays I believe.
    Have fun,, dont make any raw deals :D
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    there is alway ceasar creek, traders world, and turrtle creek if you want to drive but its abour 2 days worth of walking and lookin
  6. Like 2talltim sed , swapersday laber day weekend!
    From Utica:Take us62 west keep going like 10min or so, and then turn left on northridge road, then turn right on sportsmans club rd. go like one mile or 2 and your there.