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    Have a 50 horse 2 stroke mercury that doesn't have water flowing out the back. Runs great but no water coming out. I live on east side of Cincinnati. Let me know if anyone has a good contact to help me out.

  2. it probaly needs a new impeller. Your local boat mechinic should be able to tell you if you need a new impeller, waterpump or anything else. A Buddy of mine bought a motor and it would not pump anywater. He went down to the boat store, got a impeller and it spit water like it was brand new. Hopes this helps. Just my 2 cents


    AEFISHING Crappie Freak

    Yeah I spoke to hern marine and that is what they said it probably was over the phone. He quoted me $225.00 over the phone and just thought there may be a cheaper solution but if not I guess I will bring it in. Thanks for the info.
  4. you can buy the water pump kit and a manual and do it yourself in a couple hours for around 75:00 for the parts and manual,a manual is one of the best investments you can make,they are pretty detailed and easy to follow,hope this helps you out
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    BUT ,does it overheat??? if not the tube may be blocked. mine split at the conection and was spewing water into the engine cover. check the rubber hose for an obstruction.the pee stream is only a visual for your water pump operation.
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    Try Dixie Marine, the quote sounds high
  7. Try running a piece of weed whacker line up into the tell-tale tube. Wasps and other insects like to put stuff in there.

  8. Check for nesting insects in your tattletale line! Happened to me several times before I finally started plugging the line when not in use.
  9. I have 49hp merc. I changed the impellar myself last year. It wasn't that big of a deal. Took about an hour and a half, cause I was going slow as it was my first time. I'm definitly not a motorhead, so it wasn't that hard.
    I figured if I couldn't figure it out, I'd take Hern the parts and tell him to call me when he had it back together:D
  10. Did i mention that while doing it, my buddy started at 4:00pm and never got it back together until the next morning. Make sure you do not touch or move the gear shifting pin. You will be cussing when it does not work.