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Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by Fish4Fun, May 20, 2007.

  1. Fish4Fun

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    Ok guys i have alot of things to mull over before i buy a newer boat. And i would like some opinions.

    I bass fish allot and run tournaments to give you a little background.

    However if iam going to spend in the upwards of $20k on a boat iam very much considering a F/S Fish ski model. As i have a wife and 4 kids that would love to get some use out of the boat as well. I could take them all out in a F/S were i could not on a bass boat. We could enjoy a day on the lake just tubing or crappie fishing or running around and i could still use it to bass fish.

    Now my questions are what will i loose by buying a F/S vs a traditional bass boat.

    What will i gain?

    What are somethings i should consider?
  2. ncraft150

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    A fish-n-ski will be heavier and slower than a bass boat. Storage for rods and tackle wont be anywhere near as good. Livewells will be smaller. The decks will be smaller. Especially the back deck will be almost nonexistant. You'll have huge windshields to crack your bait into while casting. I tried this before I got my first bass boat and I will never do it again. A lot of guys on this site have seen my 3 boys and me in my boat without any problem fishing and having a good time. I pull a tube with it also. The bass boat will hold its value better and be easier to sell also. I cant think of any advantages my fish-n-ski had over my bass boat. TEST DRIVE!!! and see for yourself before you make a decission.

  3. Now for the other side!

    I own a Lund Tyee 185 Gran Sport (fish 7 ski type). I also have 4 kids-all who love to go out with the wife and I.

    -Plenty of livewell space-I never have a problem. Boat has 2 wells-one in front and a large one in back.

    -Plenty of rod storage-and storage in general.

    -Fast. I have a Merc 125 on mine and my top end is 42. Boat will handle more HP if you really need it. A buddy has a 175 and he gets 58. Fast enough?

    -Terrific versatile layout. Can lay the seats out in pretty much any configuration including front and rear casting decks.

    -Lightweight-Boat, motor, trailer only weigh 3200 lbs wet. Can tow with a minivan therebuy saving $$$$ on vehicle investment and gas.

    -Great ride. Equally at home on the small bass lakes as well as Erie when it kicks up 2-4 footers or worse. The usual garbage we run in the Western basin of Erie is easily cut through-doesn't pound like a bass boat. This was my biggest surprise-just how well my Lund rides-amazing!

    -Nice high windshield and canvas-offers great protection against the weather-especially important for wife and youngsters.

    I guess bottom line is that a bass boat is ideally suited to fair weather fishing in inland lakes. For that-it can't be beat. But for the family guy who wants to make sure wife and kids are comfortable and have a boat equally at home no matter where it is run-from a small inland lake to 20 miles offshore in Erie, my pick is definately a solid aluminum fish & ski from Lund, Alumacraft, G3 or Crestliner.

  4. ncraft150

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    I forgot about aluminum boats. I was comparing to a fiberglass fish-n-ski that bass boat companies make. The aluminum like Lund are much better laid out. Lowe has a nice boat also.
  5. ShakeDown

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    I wouldn't necessarily say they are slower. One of my good fishing buddies has a 19 foot single console Ranger with a 2000 150 hp johnson. We like to start out mornings out at Dale Hollow with a drag race of sorts, and my 19 foot Stratos F/S with a Johnson 150 used to absolutely smoke him (GPS @ 64). It bugged him so much, he re-propped and threw on a jack plate and was finally able to keep up. Still can't pass me though :D

    They tend to be heavier due to the seating and windshield, but if you have a fast hull it (which true f/s usually do to pickup skiers quick) it won't make a diff.
  6. Fish4Fun

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    Thanks for all the input guys. Keep them coming.

    Believe me i would love to have a sweet bass rig but iam looking at the fact that if iam going to drop some cash on a boat i need to buy a boat that i can take the entire family out on and spend some quality time with them as well. Fish a tournament on saturday hit the lake on sunday with the kids for some crappie and tubing lol. Its the right thing to do and the family would get alot of enjoyment out of it not just me. These are my thoughts anyway. LOL and when its paid for in 10yrs the kids will be raised and i can buy something else LOL.
  7. jeffmo

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    jerry,i was all set(and had the okay from the boss!)to buy a 17' lund single console a couple of years back when i was looking for a boat.the other one i was looking at was the monark 17' pro walk through windshield that i ended up buying.
    my wife said that the monark would be a better boat for taking her and the kids out in because it was a deeper boat with a windshield which gives us a drier ride,had 4 swivel seats,a top on it to protect us from the weather and was rigged with a tow bar to pull tubes for the kids.plus it has 2 livewells,baitwell decent storage,etc. that i needed.so,as much as i wanted the lund i went ahead and bought the monark because it was better for our family as a whole.now i'm happy that i did because we all get alot of fun out of it.
    plus i really like watching the kids when i teach them to operate it!!!
  8. Jerry,

    I have a Tracker Targa 17' 90hp Mercury I purchassed 4 years ago as a first time boat owner. I was looking at boats strictly for fishing but the Mrs wanted something that she would enjoy as well. After several looooonnngg :) conversations we decided on the Targa. To date I have no complaints on the boat itself. I have found it easy to maintain and functional as a fishing platform. There is plenty of room good livewells, and on some nights when the wind is going, and there is some chop I am glad I went with this style of boat. We stay dry on nights others get wet.
    Does it get me to the fish the fastest no. Do I have the deck space the others do no, but I have room for 4 people and kids to enjoy the water when I am not fishing tourneys.
    Some day I will buy a rig with all the bells and whistles but for now I am happy with what I have.
    If you would like to get out on the water and take it for a spin let me know. I fish in the Wed night B.A.I.T that Phil Carver runs here in Columbus. The next time you are down feel free to check it out.

  9. Fish4Fun

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    I am taking a real liking to these boats here and the price is not bad. I have plenty of time to look but i think the family and myself would enjoy something like this. Isn't this what you have Brandon.