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    Hey all, I'm a high school environmental science teacher and am trying to build up a resource of materials for use in class and within my school district for lessons and other presentations.

    I just received a very generous donation from Safari Club International's Northern Ohio Chapter. They gave me a "Safari In A Box" which includes some pelts and some plasticized scat and track castings for educational purposes. I'd love to fill out the box with some other native Ohio critters and was wondering if anyone had some older pelts and some that turned out "not quite right." I'm looking for fox, mink, muskrat, deer with hair on, rabbit, squirrel, grinner, otter, weasel, groundhog, badger.

    I would aslo be interested in old mounts of fish, birds or mammals. I could make arrangements for a "charitable donation" receipt to be written for your donation to an educational institution.

    I know that some of those are a stretch, but if you know someone, even a taxidermist, could you pass on the request? Thanks for your help.