looking for new hunting boots???

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  1. where do you get your boots from and where are the best deals on them
    online or at stores????????
  2. I bought my latest pair of boots from TSC (Tractor Supply Center). That is a place I would not normally ever expect to shop for hunting gear but they (at least in our local store) carry Muck brand boots and I bought a pair there for a very good price. I believe I paid about what I was seeing them listed in all of the hunting catalogs (Cabela's, etc.) minus the shipping. They were not the camouflage style (gray or olive/drab). To me the camo on the boots is not necessary anyway. I really like the muck brand.They are lightweight very nice form fitting.

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    danner... got mine from gander
  4. Got my last set of Rockies at Dicks. Use the coupon at end of season and you'll get a pretty good deal.
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    I use Rocky Brand Boots, I get mine at their Outlet Store in Nelsonville , They should be having the Big Sale before to long . I think their website is RockYboots .com
    Also you can usually find a pair there for under 70 Bucks.
  6. yes i have ben to rocky boots outlet but i live in cleveland and the 130 mil drive with the gas prices not such a good deal
  7. I got mine at Gander. Irish Setters, 1200 grams of Thinsulate. Very warm. I can sit in my stand all day in the dead of winter and my feet don't get cold. They are a little heavy if you do a lot of walking but for stand hunting, I havn't found anything better. I'm the type of person where if my feet get cold, I go to the house. Havn't had that problem since buying these boots. Gander has sales on boots all the time and sometimes you can find a coupon for 50% off one item. I used it when I bought my boots.
  8. i paid about 100.00 for my readhead boots at bass pro shops. very comfortable and waterproof
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    i bought a pair of Rocky boots and man are those things AWESOME, they are gore-tex also, very comfortable, warm, and dry. check them out
  10. Rocky is the way to go... I have been through a couple pairs of bass pro "waterproof" boots and nearly ended up in the hospital with frostbite bc they filled up with water and i was so cold i didnt know it..... so i switched to rocky and i have had them for 3 years and they still work GREAT!! rocky rangers 9"ers are a very good choice
  11. Rocky used to be one of the better boots, but they didn't hold up well if I wore them for more than just hunting. I got sick of replacing hunting boots every two years. I used to love the Bear Claws, but the quality had went down hill, in my opinion, though I haven't had any in a few years.

    Last pair I bought, which was 3 years ago, was Cabela's brand. It was an all leather boot, with a Vibram soul, and 1000 gram of thinsulate. They were a little pricey, but they are wearing unbelievable. They still look new, and I never had a pair of Rocky's last that long... Well not without them having holes in them. (My Rocky's still never leaked though, even though they got holes...Gore Tex is pretty amazing stuff)
  12. You never mentioned what kind of boots you were looking for but if you are looking for a rubber boot I will mention it again that you should check out the Muck brand as well if you find them in any of the stores you shop. I have seen a lot of hunters wearing them the last couple of years which is why I checked them out. And I ended up buying a pair of their lighter insulated style that have worked well for me in all but the bitter cold. They are great for early season as well and they are a light boot which to me is important so that I am not building up a sweat on the hike in/out. I know a lot of the brands that have been mentioned above have claims to be very warm and they probably are but for me I can't have one boot to do the job for the whole season. I have a heavier pair of insulated boots that are only worn on the extreme bitter weather.
  13. I have also need a new pair of all around hunting boots and have been doing some research. I have always worn rockys in the past and they have held up real well, but I feel like there are better boots out there. Cabelas boots seem to get good reviews so I will keep those in mind. A lot of guys talk up the Danners, they are suppose to be the best, but they do cost more. My question with a leather boot like Danners is how they stand up to the briars, ect. I know other leather boots I have get torn up pretty quickly. Lastly, if your spending the money for a boot, get one with gore-tex, period.
  14. The leather has held up to briars, rose bushes, and anything else that we hunt in. We still do a lot of drives during deer season, and I walk through some thick stuff without any problems. I do clean and put some conditioner on them once a year. At 3 years old, they do have some scuff marks and scratches, but not too deep. I think if you let the leather get dried out, it will crack on you, but that is just what the guy at Cabela's told me when I was shopping around. I tried on the Danner's and the Cabela's brand, and the Cabela's brand felt a lot better to me, so that's why I went with them. That would be personal preference though.

    I will say my biggest problem with all but one pair of my Rockys was where the leather parts met the Cordura. The seams always seemed to break apart from each other, or with my last pair of Rocky's, the soul came apart from the cordura. It might have been just coincidence, but the pair that lasted the longest, were the bear claws, without any leather on them period.

    If you are going to buy boots, buy the best pair you can afford. Nothing is worse than having cold, wet, or blistered feet.
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    still mad at rocky for leaving this country. as for boots, my l.l. bean guide boots (uninsulated model) are my favorite. they are almost 15 years old and still holding up. for deer and cold weather turkey, i love my lacrosse alpha boots with 800 grams of thinsulate.
  16. I've bought several pairs from "Sportsmans Guide" - I always get catalogs - they've always got good deals.

    I've also bought them from Gander Mtn before......but that was because they were on sale and a great price. They were the uninsulated Rocky's with the Football cleat on them - got em for like $30. Great summer/fall boot.
  17. Man, the Football type treaded Rocky's were my favorite Rocky boots of all time. You could climb up and down the hills without slipping all the time, and they were light weight. I don't know if they still make them though, but that tread pattern was awesome.
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    I USE to be a huge Rocky Boot fan, but all that changed with the last pair I purchased. I bought a new pair of Rocky Para boots about 9 months ago. These were over $150.00 boots and after only 2 months the soles on both boots began to separate from the upper portion of the boot. I didn’t keep the receipt as I had never had any problems with the 4 other pair (2 pair of Cornstalkers and 2 pair of Bearclaws) of Rocky’s I have had. I attempted to contact Rocky, but was told that without the receipt they could do nothing. In desperation I took them to a local shoe repair shop in Highland Square that has been in business for over 40 years. After 3 attempts to glue the soles back on, the shop owner gave up. I went to pick up my barely used boots and the repair guy told me he would never take in another pair of Rocky boots for repair, ever! Made in China pieces of crap is what he called them. I will NEVER purchase another pair of Rocky boots, or recommend them to anyone either!
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    I'll buy nothing but Meindl boots thru Cabelas. I got ten plus years of hunting, fishing, hiking, backpacking and general all around use out of my first pair. I'm six years into my second pair and they are still going strong. They are expensive but worth every penny in the long run.
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    Rocky Boots quaility has suffered since moving off shore. I was told they had to move off shore to compete, but the prices never go down when a company moves off shore. It only puts more money in stock holders pockets in the short term. Then the consumer gets a dud boot and NEVER returns for the long term. GO FIGURE! Anyway, I had a pair of Rockies for about 7 years. I only wore them hunting (2 times a week for 4 months per year). The bottoms started peeling like an onion. I called customer service and for some reson they let me return them w/o receipt. They email me back and told me they would send me a FREE pair of soles (lol). I told them that I couldn't wear soles w/o a boot. They email me and asked where I wanted them shipped to and I told them to the Phillipines to have the new soles put on the boots. They email me back and said they would put the soles on for no charge. I got them back in about 3 months and they did an awsome job. However the last boot I bought was an Irish Setter by Red Wing Boot Company. I love them, excellent fit, warm in tree stand. I'm also considering buying the 2000 gram thinsulate Cabelas rubber boot. Anybody have any comment about them?? Item #cg-83-0448