Looking for Minnows - Stark / Summit area

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  1. Anyone know if any of the bait shops in Stark / Summit co. areas are open and if they have minnows? In particular Tall Tales on 225 or the one south of Mogadore on Rt. 43. Also, hours if you know them.

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    Mogadore bait shop? They have chubs and shiners. Just went there the other day, Friday I think.

  3. Theres a guy here ( bassmastermjb ) that sells minnows and runs a bait shop from his house on Lake Rockwell Rd., just North of Brady Lake Rd...Actually met him while installing cable there, I dont know his hours or anything but you might wanna send him a PM.

  4. Eddies at Comet and Christman @ Nimisila Reservoir has minnows.

    Caught a 32 inch channel Sat afternoon on one of them.

  5. Tall Tale's is open and has minnows. I bought two dozen today around noon. Not sure of the hours they are open, but they ARE open. Good luck. Landed 6 largemouth, 6 white bass, and one big sunfish all on minnows at Deercreek today.
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    tall tales is open weekends only now they have hours on there machine
  7. Thanks for all the info guys .....
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    I'm open from 5am-7pm 7 days a week year round........Mark