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looking for marine radio

Discussion in 'OGF Marketplace' started by deerhunter, Jan 16, 2005.

  1. deerhunter


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    im looking for a vhf marine radio new or used. looking for something to use on the lake
  2. Shortdrift


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    If you are looking for a low cost radio I would suggest Raymarine. I checked into a lot of them and Raymarine seem to be the best quality and featyres in the $150/$200 range.

  3. I have a Raytheon- Model # RAY45.
    It is in great working condition.
    It does let in moisture cause where the mic cord enters the unit, the boot has came loose.
    It can be fixed with a sealer of some type.
    Wire harness is complete with Pos.-Neg.-L.Speaker and R. speaker and fused link.
    Mic has channel selector and channel 16 button in it.
    I still have the paper work on this somewhere in the mess of a room I am in.
    The unit is 5 inches accross,2 inches high and 5 inches deep.
    I do not have a mount for it but a mount can be made easy.
    I was going to mount it in my truck, but I dont want to drill holes for an antenna in it.
    I let it go for $70.00.
    PM if you would like a photo of it.
    I am just outside of Valley City area. About 10 miles west of Brunswick.
  4. atrkyhntr

    atrkyhntr Guest

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    If its not gone let me know WalleyeGuy my cuz my be interested...
  5. reel


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    I just recently purchased a Uniden Solara DSC Fixed Mount 1 watt/25 watt Marine 2-Way Radio for $120. And I also bought an 8' antenna. Based in part from comments here on OGFC.

    Have not used it yet, but have read the manual.

    Some things to consider:

    DSC is Digital Selective Calling. And MMSI is Maritime Mobile Selective Identity. This allows you to call the Coast Guard or other boats with the push of a button. They will have all the necessary info (that you gave them) about you in their SAR Search And Rescue Database.

    And if you add NMEA0183, which is a serial data connection to a GPS they will also know your exact location. Something to consider when out in Lake Erie if things go bad.

    All future radios will require these features, so think about this now.
  6. Lil' Rob

    Lil' Rob

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    WalleyeGuy / atrkyhntr........I know of a few sources that should have glass-mount antennas for VHF frequencies.......that way no drilling of holes in a fender or elsewhere......of course that may limit it effective range.
  7. Shortdrift


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    You can't miss it! Duck and goose feathers stuck to the grass, trees, roof and anywhere else they catch onto. :cool: Some folks say he likes to hunt them things. :p :D :D