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    Looking for Lab Pup. I live in Northeast Ohio, Randolph Township, and am willing to travel a little in search of a Lab. This will become an Indoor dog and be able to enjoy it's life in a Country setting. I have a little land that it will have ample opportunity's for daily walks with me or my finance, and also get to enjoy several days on the lake in the boat. I plan to try to keep it off a leash. I spend allot of time outside and am looking for a dog that will stick with me and be friendly to the people around me. I have never owned a Lab, but have been around many, but they are not all the same. Do certain traits of Males/females or black/chocolate seem to be different from anyones experience?
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  2. well i dont know what you think of adopting one from a kennel or a dog foster home but i just got a new finnie from one down in gurnsey county it costed me 45 dollers but he is a good dog....he was 3 months old when i got him he was house broken and very good with the kids and i know gurnsey county dog pound has labs in now cause my mom works there but you can look online at dogs in kennels

  3. I will be having a litter born on Dec. 7, or 8. Both parents are great field/water dogs. The female is also our house dog, and my best friend. Super disposition, great natural instincts, and very quick to train both for the house, and field. The female is a Red fox color female, and the sire is a beautiful black. If your interested in seeing the female work in the field, or water I'll be happy to show you her stuff. The pups will be guaranteed for the first year. If your interested shoot me a PM. Thanks.
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    Don't know if you're interested, but I have a Lab/Border Collie mix that are 8 weeks and ready to go. I have the full lab mother and she met the farmers collie in a dark field on a warm summer night. They should be pretty smart dogs and have already figured out not to crap where they sleep. I live a stone's throw away in Edinburg. 2 males and 3 females. The price will be right!