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  1. I just found out friday that i will be getting laid off on tuesday! nice of em to give me such notice, , so im looking for a job cuz unemployment just wont cut it for me, i run heavy equipment / im also a pipe layer, ive done plumbing/ concrete/landscaping. i have also packed parachutes work on safety equipment and search and rescue in the navy, if anyone knows of any companys hiring shoot me a pm please,,,

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    start turning in applications to all of the fire departments in your area.with your military time you'll get bonus points on most tests.good job and pretty secure.

  3. Sam Kegg,
    The Dept of Reh & Corrections has posting up for Correction Officer at Trumble Correctional Institution & Ohio State Pen. Posting comes down 1/31/09. The application is available on line and you send it to the institution you want to work at. Won't be hired right away but it is a start for a different career.

  4. thank you guys, i will look into all i see.,... thanks again
  5. The car graveyard across the street from ADESA Auto Auctions on route 8 has a sign up for a yardman. Good Luck with your job hunt. Couple places on Highland Road are looking for people; welders I think.
  6. Good Luck man, Ive been layed off since the week before Christmas...