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Looking for his offspring!!!

Discussion in 'Bucks and Does' started by Pure river, Oct 3, 2005.

  1. Pure river

    Pure river Pro Scent pro staff

    This Deer was taken by my best friend in 01 on the farm I hunted Saturday. It scored 212 B&C. He was a monster!! He was aged at 3 1/2 possibly 4 1/2. We all still think amazingly enough more like 3 1/2!!
    I have been looking for his offspring for the last three years!! This deer has great genetics!!! haa haa


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  2. Yep that is a monster there! By the way what county is that? I see you are in Delaware county but for some reason that picture looks kind of familiar. I wondered if it was from over my way? (Knox county)

  3. Pure river, nice deer. Did he get it with a bow? Just wondering, not that it would lessen it any if he got it with a shotgun. How many points was it? I think I could count at least 19 points.
  4. My buddy called me yesterday and told me that the one proprty that I have hunted the past couple of seasons with him just gave up a dandy on Saturday. We took a 140 class 9 pointer from there last November but the farmer told us when we got him that it was not the "big one" that he had been seeing. I have not seen the pictures but I was told it was a 12 pointer with 22" inside spread. It sounds like a monster. So it sounds like some guys are finding the big boys active already.
  5. Pure River,

    By the way the one I am talking about I believe came from over in your neck of the woods, hunting area that is.;)
  6. Smallie Gene

    Smallie Gene Banned

    Cripes! "A monster" is right!! I'd pee my britches if I seen anything that big!

    Pure river, if you need a hunting buddy let Gene know.
  7. Pure river

    Pure river Pro Scent pro staff


    Actually yes, My friend lives in Mt. Vernon. He and another guy own Pro Scent now. And will be coming out with their first Video in a couple of weeks! That picture was on some of their scent displays. There product is amazing. I can atest to its quality and freshness, i have help them collect it before... ugg its fresh haa haa. If you would like to purchase any.. let me know and i can hook you up!!!


    Ps.. I havent found any places to get permission around town here. I have to drive to licking county! I was 10 days late on getting SOLE permission on over 200 acre farm only three miles out of town here. I was bumbed.. the farm had been hunted soley by their neighbors for years.. and they moved... some lucky bastid just happened to stumble on it two weeks before i did and got sole permission.
    Its just outside of Delaware.. and some of the bucks i have seen there on the way to taking my boy to daycare in the morning ... WOULD BLOW YOUR MIND!!
    But they took my card and said if things dont work out with this guy or he quits coming.. I will be next on the list! Definetly a sweet spot. Big farm right in the middle of yuppie gun hunting and virtually no hunting pressurer....equals HUGE OHIO WHITTAILS!!!
  8. I can't remember the guy's name and I was not real sure of his face but for some reason I thought I had seen him before. Now I am sure I have.

    So was that one from Knox county?