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  1. My oldest daughter (8 yrs old) has expressed a interest in the planets & stars. This has also spiked an interest with my wife. Living out in the country, we have beautiful views of the night sky. We were discussing the possibility of purchasing a telescope for Christmas. Can anyone give us any pointers? We do not want to buy something cheap that might break, or gives terrible views, but do not want something that's going to break the bank...any suggestions on a descent starter set-up?

    Thanks for the help ! ! !
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    i worked midnights for 15 years, so i do a little star gazing.lol. i had several scopes. i have found that a reflector (internal mirror reflects the image to the lens) are the best for our type of viewing. the one in the photo is a 4" telestar made by MEADE. i see no need to go any larger than a 6" model. the 4" and 6" means the diameter of the objective tube (the big cylinder). this one came with 4 lenses and tripod. i dont think new it would be more than $250 bucks. i cant remember because ive had it that long.i had a bushnell that i paid over $1000 for and this ones image is very similar. sure the bushnell was a little clearer, but this one is just fine. i just went and did a check on ebay and there are several of them on there. the only draw back is you WILL be paying $50 to $100 for shipping. id look at walmart or a hobby shop. make sure it is a brand you know. meade, tasco, bushnell bla, bla, bla..stay away from junk. im sure you know, but with optics, you get what you pay for. dont worry, you can get a good scope for a fair dollar.

    also want to add, if you have a child interested in stargazing. make sure to check out the moon. the fuller, the better.

    here's on of my fav sites. jack knows his stargazing:D keep looking up!!


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  3. I have the same exact model as ezbite and I love it (the telescope, that is -- not the vaccum :D). Nearly burned out my retinas the first time I pointed it at a full moon. The manual tracking knobs are finely tuned and easy to use, although it would've been cool to have auto tracking when I filmed a lunar eclipse a few years ago with my digital camera.
  4. EZ / Net,

    The wife found a few Celestron models on line that have peaked her interest. Have you heard anything about this brand? I'm not sure what brands would be considered junk vs top-end (now, auto parts.... that's a different story...;) )

    The one that she is interested in is as follows:
    Optical Design: Reflector
    Aperture: 114mm (4")
    Focal Length: 1000mm
    Focal Ratio: f/9

    telescopes.com is listing it on a special for $130.

    Thanks again for all your help ! ! !
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    i had a celestron refractor scope (it might still be here somewhere in all my junk upstairs:p ). it was one of my first ones. celestron IS a brand you can't go wrong with. even their cheap ones are good ones. you will be happy with the 4" tube.