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  1. Hi folks! Garry Scarbury suggested I visit this site and so, I'm a new member/poster.

    Aside from being an avid angler (my biz is sending anglers all over the world), I'm also a member of 3-person committee from Scioto Boat Club that is trying to generate discussion and get input from the various waterway user groups on Griggs Reservoir and then see if we all can come up with some potential solutions to the problems each group experience.

    I'm hoping you might be willing to share your thoughts on problems you've had on Griggs, concerns you may have there and hopefully also, your suggestions on how they might be resolved. Please feel free to e-mail or message me or, simply post here!

    Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks, see you on the water and....tight lines!
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    I tournament fish Griggs often, and I don't have any problems with it. It is convenient, has plenty of ramps, and is a great bass fishery. The majority of those who use Griggs generally respect eachother on the water: anglers, skiers and rowers alike.

    I do not like the idea of limiting ANYONE'S use of Griggs, as I believe this creates a slippery slope situation.

    I am not aware of any problems with how Griggs is managed. What type of problems do you believe exist?

  3. Thanks for the input, Hawk.

    The main complaint we and the City are hearing is from anglers and rowers, both of which have concerns with wakeboarding to a certain degree and also, wake surfing. I've talked with several fisherman by phone who have shared with me that they've had their boats swamped by some of the wakes reputedly caused by wake surfers. We're concerned since a significant--and growing--portion of our membership are wakeboarders but also, have several wake surfers as members as well. Obviously for safety reasons, we'd like to address and remedy the problem.

    Any thoughts or ideas?
  4. I've been fishing tournaments at Griggs and had wakeboarders see how close they can get to you and throw water on us as we were fishing. Also I repeatedly see boaters ignoring the no wake zone North of the island. Fishermen and wake boarders alike.
  5. I've read several things about "North of the Island" on Griggs. Where is the island?
  6. The island they are talking about is just north of the no wake bouy before you go into the narrow part of the creek way up north. There isn't much of it left. Keeps getting smaller every year. There is a shallow point that runs way south off of it. I feel the high water every year is just washing it away. Hope this helps.

    Garry Scarberry
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    The wake Boarding is noticable do to how narrow of a water way Griggs is. I find myself constantly pointing my nose towards the middle to keep from getting Rogue waved. However with the minimal water access we have in Central Ohio compared to the number of boaters it is hard to discriminate. A friend of mine and I this past summer were way north, all the way to the current split, which was much shallower than it was in the spring. A boat with 3 teens came flying all the way up to that split, stopped and asked us if it was safe to be running full out in that area. Needless to say anyone that has been up that far knows it is a good thing they did not fly past us.