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    Going to Winter Park Fla in Feb which is near Orlando. Would like to get a 1/2 day fishing charter near there or near along the east coast. Does anyone know the area and could make recommendations. Apperciate your help. DAB
  2. I would recommend searching for an inshore charter over by Cocoa Beach

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  4. Can't say anything in the Orlando area, but if you head out to the New Port Richey area & in that are you'll find many Head Boat fishing deals. They head out in the gulf & do well. Just North of the Tampa area there are many. Dig around you'll find'em. Can't even recall the ones I was on, but it was out of the Greek Sponge diving area.??????????? Dang.
    Sorry but it's called a senior thing?
  5. I would get on google and do a search, you can bring up a lot of different kinds and see what you are looking for, for instance a certain price or a certain kind of fish.

    Thats how I found mine. I am going to Tampa for a week this summer and did a google search and found a guy that would take me and my 2 friends out for a 8 hours- 4 hours of shark fishing and 4 hours of Tarpon fishing, costing each of us $180 which is not to bad.
  6. One place you might check out is on-line. Google Florida Sportsman Fishing Forum and about the third or fourth website that appears will be for the magazine and forum. Click it and look at the top menu and you'll see Regions and Forum. Also on the left side header you'll see charters and guides. The forum is divided into regions and you can go anywhere in the State that you're interested in and check out recent fishing reports. I usually go down to the Southwest region to check the Pine Island-Charlotte Harbor area. It's pretty interesting and might give you some leads about who the best guides and fishermen are - kind of like OGF, lol. Good luck and have fun.
  7. Not sure if you are interested but Largemouth bass fishing in Feb in that area should be lights out. I used a guide who put us on some huge bass and that was in the month of June!. When I asked him what's the best time of year he said not June, February is the time to be here for bass. If I recall try googling "big bear" or orlando bass fishing and look for a guide with a name like "big bear". He schedules for a number of guys. My neighbor and I had a blast. He caught a 10 LBer and we must have landed 25 largemouth that day all over 5 lbs.
    We drove about 45 minutes from Orlando to get to this lake. Nobody else around us.
    I mention this because for you to only want to go for 1/2 day an ocean trip might not be the best bang for your buck. Good luck with whatever you decide.
    I had to know so I looked it up....Bear's Bass guide service.
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    Bluemax -- For some reason I hadn't considered inland fishing but that sounds like good advice. From the responce the guys are sending me, sure sounds like I willbe better off locating something once I am there rather than doing it from up here -- Tks appreciate your advice DAB
  9. The only problem with trying to find someone when your down there is sometimes the book up, granted February is not prime travel time, you just never know.

    The other option are the party boats. You don't get the total attention of the guides but you can catch a decent amount of fish, mainly grunts, grouper, and snapper. Most of them only cost like $60 for 8 hours, not a bad option if you are just looking to get out on the water and fish.

    There is some great bassfishing down there as well same with crappie. However when I go down there I want to fish in the ocean. I can catch crappie and bass here in Ohio (of course not to the size they grow in FL), but I want to fish for something else I don't have in my backyard. If you want to inland fish I would look into Peacock bass.

    Either way you should have a blast.
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    What are you looking to fish for? Freshwater or Saltwater?
    I'm an hour drive from Orlando, but I do inshore saltwater (redfish, snook, trout, biting this time of the year). Flats style fishing.

    Let me know what style or what you want to catch and I'll see if I can help or recommend someone who can.

    You shouldn't wait until you get here to book something though. The Daytona 500, Bike Weeks, and spring breaks are all in February and hundreds of thousands of people are traveling to Central FL. February is one of the busiest times around here and days get booked fast and in advance. Not to mention it's some of the best fishing of the year too.
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    That's what I was talking about, you wont miss on a great time.