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  1. My and my wife are getting ready to buy a house. The type of loan we have will allow us up to a certain amount money and up to 3 contractors to do the work.

    I need one that can do a complete tear off of a roof and do gutters.
    I need another one that does home remodeling. I need one that it able to do remodeling of bathrooms-One full and one half bath. I would also like this one to be able to do drywall work, redo a cealing.
    The third would be a carpet co, to come in and tear out the old carpet and lay new along with some tile in the kitchen.

    Ok heres the deal, Me any my wife dont really make much money and we found a house we like. Its 1500sf tri-level, 3 bed, 1full and one half bath. Two car garage w/large work area at the end of it. Roof does leak but not bad. House Does Not Have mold. The house needs new carpet throught out and the bathrooms need redone. All the windows in the house have been replaced except for 3, which i would like to replaced as well. The house is a foreclosure that the banks wants 74,900 for. The loan that I can get it will let us do up to a certain amount for repairs and they roll that into the cost of the loan. The intrest rate is not bad, A 6.3% with a low insurance. Some input or help would greatly be appreciated.
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    In my opinion you really need to spend the few 100 and have a good accredited home inspetor in there that works for you personally. I know the bank and the seller has the home inspected but I would not trust who they had hired to get the paper work filled out. If the house was forclosed it meant the family living there basickly ran out of $. This didnt happen overnight, meaning nessesary repairs and upgrades have probibly been slacking on the house for a few years at least if not more.

    You said the roof leaks, a good inspection may uncover water damage that you dont know about. From hearing you need a cealing replaced means there was enough water dumped into the house to cave in the drywall. Well in that case your walls, flooring, elecrical may be damaged. You may also have large amounts of mold inside the walls or floor that has to be removed to make it safe to live in. Mabie the mold isnt showing itself to much yet but it grows for 5-10-20 years you might have a BIG problem. Water always runs downward, this may have hurt your foundation witch is unseen now but can cause future problems. What about insects, wet wood + wet drywall are the garden of eden for carpenter ants and other nasty fellows that dont pay rent.

    You can use your private inspector report to negociate with the bank also, say the inspectior finds 1000s of dollars in repairs the others didnt you might be able to neg with the bank to drop the house price by that much or more. Lets face it the bank does not want to run contractors and crews in there to fix everything they just want to get it off the books.

    90% of house damage is not visable to the untrained eye, get a pro that is in your corner.